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SuperATV LED Whip Lights

SuperATV LED Whips

Light up the Night
Get a pair of SuperATV’s Five-Foot RGB LED Whip Lights and ride your UTV in style. Light up the night with millions of colors and 300 pulse patterns that make you stand out. The wrapped LED strips mean they glow in every direction and along the entire length of the whip. It’s bright, visible, and good-looking.

Built to Last
We know these whips have to be more than just pretty—they’ve got to take on every bump and turn out there. That’s why they’re built lightweight with highly flexible tubing. They’ll bend without breaking the tube or mounting points. The heavy-gauge wiring uses waterproof connectors, so you don’t have to worry about shorts.

Keeps You Safe
Night riding is all about visibility, and this LED whip light is tall enough and bright enough to keep you safe. Whether you’re cresting dunes or cruising midnight trails, don’t get left out in the dark and cause an accident. Stay visible and stay safe.

Get Whip Light Mounting Bracket
You need to mount your whip lights to your frame, we’ve got the vertically and horizontally oriented brackets you need to fit your 2”, 1.75”, and squared pro-fit cabs. Not matter where you want to put your whip, we’ve got the hardware you need. Our bracket is designed to easily clamp to your tube frame, and it’s built to last so your whip lights won’t fall off even if you take a beating.

SuperATV LED Whip Light Mount

SuperATV LED Whip Light Mount


  • Sold as a set of two
  • Bright LED whip light
  • 300 lights per meter
  • Control brightness, color, and flash pattern with your phone
  • Lightweight, flexible, and strong
  • Millions of colors to choose from
  • 300 flash patterns available
  • 5 feet tall—perfect for style and safety
  • Can be wired as brake lights or turn signals*
  • Available with horizontal and vertical mounting brackets for multiple cage sizes

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