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Simpson Racing D3 Harness Review

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Simpson D3 Restraint

Simpson D3 Restraints


The D3 provides the ease and convenience of a sewn in harness without the harness being sewn to the lap belt. The unique design eliminates two links but still allows the shoulder harness to be joined closely together at the buckle, emulating a true latch and link racing system.


  • Polyester webbing for exceptional strength

  • Dropped forged alloy steel with cadmium plated

  • Adjuster includes anti-slip springs

  • Floor-mount, bolt-in or wrap around style available

  • Available with pad

  • Webbing size: 3×3, 2 ¼x3, 2¼x2¼, 2×2 ”

  • Colors:  Black, Blue, Red, Platinum

Why Polyester?

In independent testing, nylon belts have been shown to stretch during resistance and loose strength when exposed to rain, sweat or any liquid.  Polyester belts are superior to nylon at absorbing energy during a crash test. In other words, they stretch less, keeping you away from the steering wheel and tightly in your seat. Affect of exposure to liquids is also minimal. Polyester webbing’s resistance to the elements is critical in off-road racing where conditions are often extreme and less controlled.

Nylon vs. Polyester - Restraint Material

Other Photos:

Simpson's new D3 restraints  Simpson D3 Restraint or Harness

Company Info:

Since 1959, Simpson Performance Products has been the leading safety manufacturer in the motorsports industry.  Simpson believes in putting safety first and is dedicated to elevating the standards of racing safety through continuous development, refinement and testing.  Competitive sports are always changing; one thing that remains constant is Simpson’s commitment to safety. Gear up safer with Simpson.

Contact Info:

Simpson Performance Products

Website: www.simpsonraceproducts.com

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