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Seizmik Introduces New Polaris Ranger Doors

Polaris Ranger Doors
Oct. 30, 2012 – Seizmik, a leader in UTV accessory innovation, announces the introduction of their new doors for the 2009-2013 Full Size Polaris Ranger. The doors are designed to provide protection from the elements while driving in the worst conditions. Unique innovations incorporated into the doors include an easy installation without drilling and the ability to work with all hardtops, windshields and back panels. “We saw a lack of high quality lower price doors for Polaris Rangers so we put our engineering and design team to work on creating a solution for Ranger riders. We’re really happy with the results and we hope riders will share our same enthusiasm for the doors.” Says Ben Greene, Senior Industrial Designer for Seizmik.
Seizmik developed a unique mounting system for the doors to install quickly without drilling and also to be able to work with all hardtops, windshields and back panels, Seizmik calls this the “Quikfit Tightening System”. The engineering team at Seizmik looked to Seizmik’s own soft tops for inspiration when designing the straps for mounting the doors so they have a super tight fit for driving at high speeds. The Quikfit tightening system does not require any drilling to install so installation is much easier and quicker and all warranties on your Polaris Ranger are still valid even after installation of the doors. 
Winter is here and hunters can take shelter themselves from the elements this season with the door’s protection from wind, rain and dust. The doors work especially well in colder climates by trapping the heat that comes off the engine inside the cab. On warm days, the upper door covers can be easily removed to provide ventilation inside the cab. When weather warms, the entire doors come off completely in seconds for open air riding. 
Seizmik’s Ranger doors are constructed to take a beating on the trails. They have an industrial strength ¾” steel tube frame with a heavy duty, weather proof nylon covering. Special attention has been given to the steel latches on the doors. He says “We’ve learned from previous door designs that the latch is one of the most important components of the door, if the latch doesn’t work, then the door doesn’t work. So the steel latch on the door is designed to last and continue to perform well through years of abuse. In the rare case the latch breaks, it’s designed to be easily repairable with spare items from your toolbox.” Through rigorous testing, the engineering team also discovered they needed to include high visibility windows to make it easier to avoid obstacles on rough trails. There’s even a small window in the lower doors so riders can better maneuver their way through tight trails.
Seizmik is a leader in developing innovative accessories for UTV’s. Seizmik is owned by Vialink Group, a product development and international sourcing firm. Seizmik has a full range of UTV accessories with emphasis in soft tops, windshields, hood racks, mirrors and light bars. Check out all their products at These doors are available now at your local UTV dealer in limited quantities through Tucker Rocky Distributing, Western Powersports Distributing, and Marshall Distributing.
MSRP: $599.99

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