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Seizmik introduces new innovative UTV side view mirror

February 24, 2011, Seizmik has released a new side view mirror to complement its already best selling mirror selection. Seizmik found it necessary to completely redesign the mirror to accommodate the rough terrain, the hard hits that mirrors take from stray limbs and rocks, and the small cab area that puts the rider extremely close to the mirror. Ben Greene, marketing coordinator for Seizmik says, “We found a lot of consumers were frustrated with the lack of high quality mirrors on the market and set out to solve the problems that are unique to a UTV rider.” The 3 major innovations Seizmik developed into the mirror are its breakaway feature that allows the mirror to fold back onto itself so it can absorb a hit and not shatter, a way to easily tighten the mirror for traveling on rough terrain and a large, convex mirror surface that allows a rider to have a large viewing area even though the tight cabs in UTVs position the riders very close to the mirrors.

The design of every part of the mirror was taken into consideration when Seizmik was searching for solutions to UTV rider’s problems. The high impact plastic housing integrates struts to strengthen the housing and to absorb hits to cushion the impact on the mirror surface. The mirror surface is made from shatter resistant tempered glass to ensure the riders safety from flying glass. The steel clamp wraps around the roll cage to provide the mirror with a sturdy foundation to ensure the mirror is held tightly into place. The ball joint allows the mirror to be adjusted vertically and horizontally to accommodate any rider. This combination of features is designed to withstand the hard beatings that UTV’s are put through while enhancing UTV rider’s experience.

The mirror will fit across many different models of UTV’s, including all Polaris Ranger, Polaris RZR, John Deere Gator, Bobcat UTV’s, Yamaha Rhino, Kymco UXV, Kawasaki Mule 610 series and Kawasaki Mule 3000 Series. The mirror will also fit any 1 ¾” bar and any flat surface.
Seizmik is a leader in developing innovative accessories for UTV’s. Seizmik is owned by Vialink Group, a product development and international sourcing firm. Seizmik has a full range of UTV accessories with emphasis in soft tops, windshields, hood racks, mirrors and light bars. Check out all their products at Seizmik accessories are available in power sports dealerships nationwide and through online retailers.
MSRP: $59.99

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