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Sarah Dubbeldam wouldn’t change a thing about being the lone woman of the four-person Dubbeldam clan

Can-Am Commander Max

As a mother of two young boys and wife of Wilderness Collective founder Steve Dubbeldam, she’s the one woman in her household. “It’s interesting and challenging to not have a fellow girl,” she says. “I can see the way (the boys) are wild and bite into the world.”

Sarah Dubbeldam

More than anything else, it has taught this former competitive figure skater that she’s more adventurous than she first thought.

Ride along to get to know someone who emphatically calls herself good at being a boy mom.

Why the Can-Am Commander for Sarah?
For Sarah, Can-Am and adventure go together. Sarah says she found a good match in Can-Am Off-Road. “You don’t feel like it’s too much machine for you,” she says. “It’s cathartic to be able to drive over anything.”
Typically, she’ll do that in a Can-Am Commander.  You can’t drive a car anywhere, but you can ride a UTV just about anywhere,  Sarah says. She continues: “I’m not a huge risk taker with sports. You feel fancy but also rugged at the same time.”
Going to remote places on side-by-side adventures has taught her a lot about herself. “Riding encourages you to be focused, thoughtful, strategic, and brave,” she explains. “This is how you should be when you ride, and it will flow into other areas.”

Sarah Dubbeldam
When you’re riding, every moment becomes a teaching moment. Every moment, she says, “makes you rethink your way of thinking about the world.”
That’s also true for her life.

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