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2008 Polaris RZR 800 Second Wind Buildup Project

Long Travel Polaris RZR 900

Polaris RZR 800 Project Overview:

2008 Polaris RZR 800

2008 Polaris RZR 800

Our Polaris RZR has served us well over the last two years, but with some new products on the market, I decided that it was time to take it to the next level. You can check out the first stage of our RZR buildup here.

Our goal is to add some reliable horsepower, a killer audio setup, a new roll cage, seats some new long travel shocks and a few other goodies. We plan to have it all together and ready for the Dune Tour over Halloween in Glamis.

Polaris RZR 800 with Fireball Long Travel

Testing our Polaris RZR 800 with Fireball Long Travel at Sand Mountain

Engine Performance:

Holz Racing Products has teamed up with Kroyer Racing Engines and built the ultimate in big bore power for the Polaris RZR.

The Kroyer Stage 3 motor kit just might be the most complete engine kit available for the Polaris RZR. Starting with the ported head that has been expertly machined on a 5 axis CNC and outfitted with oversize valves and springs – the head sits atop a Big-Bore Cylinder with matching 11:1 compression pistons. The cylinder also has been CNC bored and coated with Nickel Silicon Carbide cylinder coating (Nikasil). Complementing the ported head and larger valves is a billet CNC machined Hi-Lift/Duration Cam with stout chromoly push rods and hydraulic lifters. Fuel is fed through a 46mm bored throttle body and a billet aluminum intake manifold. Also included is a new adjustable PRV (oil pressure relief valve), which will help ensure that your new motor parts are bathed regularly in Joe Gibbs Racing oil. Topping it all off is a gasket kit, clutch kit, ECU ignition upgrade, break-in oil and filter, and new iridium spark plugs.

I already have a Muzzys dual exhaust, so with the new engine, it should fly!

Check out our review here.


Holz Stage III Engine Kit

Holz Stage III Engine Kit


Muzzys Dual Exhaust

Muzzys Dual Exhaust


My wife drives the RZR around quite a bit, and she likes her tunes.  Not that I don’t, but I figured that I would surprise her with something that would knock her socks off.  I didn’t want a radio or Sirius, just an iPod input with some great speakers and a nice amp with a factory look.

For me, there is only one choice when it comes to audio for your UTV and that is SSV Works. I have experienced their system first-hand and it will blow your socks off.  And they do such a great job making the speaker pods look like they are from the factory.

SSV Works 6x9 Speaker Pods

SSV Works 6×9 Speaker Pods


SSV Works custom molded kick panels designed for 6×9″ speakers and bolt into the upper foot well away from your feet. They are 100%  fiberglass for the best sound quality and bass response. They are finished in a black texture coat to match Polaris textures and can be custom painted to match your color scheme. – Includes stainless mounting hardware and step-by-step installation instructions.

SSV Works RZR 800 Subwoofer

SSV Works RZR Subwoofer

SSV Works custom molded sub enclosure is designed for a 10″ subwoofer and bolts into the under dash area clear of knees and feet. NO CUTTING REQUIRED, the box simply bolts in and provides the proper airspace required for a 10″ woofer. They are 100% fiberglass for the best sound quality and bass response. 


SSV Works EFX 4ch 800watt amp

SSV Works EFX 4ch 800watt amp

EFX 4ch 800watt amp for those looking for clean, powerful and reliable power to your system. Ideal for 4 speakers, 2 speakers  and a woofer or bridged to 4 speakers and a woofer.


Long Travel and Shocks:

I wanted to try to get things fine-tuned more than I have been able to get my current shocks.  Seems like things were too soft in the g-outs and real stiff in the light chop.  Lots of new shocks are out there for long travel shocks, so I figured it was time to try another route.

Decided to go with a set of Fox RC2’s with High/Low Speed Compression and Rebound Adjustment.

Website: FOX

FOX RC2 Shocks

FOX RC2 Shocks



Our seats were getting a little tired, and the adjustable headrest did not work very well with the new roll cage, so we upgraded to a new set of PRP High Back suspension seats. These seat install easily – simply attach stock latch to the rear of the seat, and install the same as the stock seat. They are slotted for 4-point twin harness with two neck slots. And of course I added heating elements to them for cold riding!


PRP Seats

PRP Seats

Tires and Wheels:


With the additional power I am going to have from the Holz/Kroyer Stage III Kit, I want to make sure that the paddle tires I have are not only lightweight, but also have enough hookup.

T-9 Pro Mod wheel is significantly lighter than its competition, reducing unsprung weight and rotating mass for noticeable performance gains. The T-9 features a polished finish, a double-rolled lip for excellent durability and ease of tire mounting, rugged yet lightweight .190 wall construction.

The Sand Star lineup is the 26×9-12 front size, which perfectly complements the proven 26×10-12 rear. Nothing hooks up harder than the rear Sand Star, which features highly aggressive, reinforced, dual-depth paddles for unmatched straight-line acceleration. The new front Dune Star provides light, accurate steering, and like the rear model, uses a super-flexible carcass for a superb ride.

Website: ITP

ITP Pro Mod Wheel

ITP Pro Mod Wheel

ITP Sand Star Tires

ITP Sand Star Tires


The Fullbore Innovations plastic looks awesome.  Especially with the long travel kit. The replacement hood also allows more air to ram into the radiator, so I am hoping that my cooling fan will come on less.

Fullbore Innovations RZR 800 Body

Fullbore Innovations RZR 800 Body

Roll Cage and Bumper:

The roll cage I have is fine, but I like the looks and the added safety of a cage that goes all the way back around the rear and ties in with the a-arm pivot points. I also wanted to use 1 1/2″ chromoly to increase strength and lighten things up a bit. It costs more than mild steel, but I think the extra cost is worth it.

Xtreme Machine and Fabrication turned down some of there RZR cage ends to 1 1/2″ for me and Roggy Enterprises built a custom cage.

A-Pillar Brace:

With this A-Pillar Brace you can now finish completely reinforcing your RZR or RZR S chassis. This brace uses one factory hole and the chassis to locate itself. There is some drilling required. The Racer Tech A-Pillar Brace is a perfect addition to our Front Cage Mounts or our Rigid Mount Front Bumper. All pieces are design to work together as one, providing strength the factory could have only dreamed of. These A-Pillar braces also double as a great mud shield to save you a lot of cleaning after a dirty ride. All hardware and instructions are included.


Polaris RZR 800 A-Pillar Brace

A-Pillar Brace

Large Capacity Battery:

The factory battery is a bit on the light side, especially if you want to run any audio with the engine off.  Time to look at a better battery and a mount to hold it in place.

I found what I was looking for at All Terrain Research. Their kit includes everything you need to cleanly install a Odyssey PC925 battery in your Polaris RZR. The kit features a Billet CNC Machined tie down that features a foam pad on the back side so that the battery is firmly clamped down. The kit features all stainless steel hardware and brass terminal spacers. Not to leave anything out, ATR also includes a battery Tender ® harness.


HID Conversion:

Charging capacity always seems to be an issue with all UTVs and one of the biggest power draws are the factory halogen headlights. Lots of HID conversions are available that will convert the halogen lights to HIDs.  There are two advantages to this:

  1. Lower power draw.

  2. Much more light output.

For our project, we chose to work with Side x Side Customs. 35W Slim Ballasts and  6000K Bulbs in a waterproof package makes this kit hard to beat.

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