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Polaris RZR Suspension Seats

Polaris RZR Suspension Seat Review

Polaris RZR - Suspension Seats

Product Review – Suspension Seats


Properly fitting a suspension seat in the Polaris RZR is a bit of a challenge. If you try and stuff a made-over Rhino seat in a RZR, you will lose a lot of legroom, and the seat back will be too upright.

The PRP Polaris RZR suspension seat takes full advantage of every inch of available space and the result is a comfortable seating position with increased leg room. The seats are available in a wide range of colors and fabrics and in several different models. Extra wide, extra tall and adjustable headrests are all popular options.

I decided to go with a low back with adjustable headrest.


The PRP suspension seat for the RZR require a bit more work than a “normal” UTV seat installation.  The stock seats have the seat latch in the back.  That is great for the stock seats that have a large opening between the back and seat part, but suspension seats don’t have a hole there.

The solution is to move the latch from the rear to the front. This takes a bit more time to install, but allows the seat to sit farther back (more legroom) and allows easier access to the seat latch.

PRP Seats - Polaris RZR
Remove factory seats

PRP Seats - Polaris RZR
Remove seat latch pin from the rear

PRP Seat Installation - Polaris RZR UTV
Cut off steel hoop from front

Drill out existing hole on the front so the seat latch pin will fit

Polaris RZR - Suspension Seat Installation PRP Seats - Suspension Seat Installation on a Polaris RZR 800 EFI
Install the new seat tab on the rear bar.  One bolt goes in the existing bolt hole near the old latch pin location.  The other bolt hole must be drilled.

Polaris RZR - Suspension Seat Base Suspension Seat Base - PRP Seats
The seat latch must be removed from the OEM seats and installed on the new seat base

PRP Seats - Polaris RZR Seat Base
Install seat base on the new suspension seat. The bolts on both sides of the front can be adjusted to stabilize the seat.

Other Photos:

 Polaris RZR Suspension Seats Polaris RZR Suspension Seats

Polaris RZR Suspension Seats Polaris RZR Suspension Seats

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