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Polaris Ranger RZR Performance Buyers Guide

Intake, exhaust and jetting are very typical bolt-on typeimprovements that have been made to ATVs and motorcycles for years. Since thePolaris Ranger RZR has an ATV engine, it is not surprising that most of the sameaftermarket exhaust manufacturers now have offerings for it. The RZR hasdifferent power/torque needs and also has a bit more space to work with so somecompanies have some unique solutions.

The difference with the Polaris Ranger RZR is EFI. An EFI systemwill require a fuel injection adjustment module instead of jetting.  Someexhaust manufacturers will offer their own in addition to working with EFI modulecompanies like Dynojet.

The biggest problem with changing out your OEM exhaust is tocombine strong performance while minimizing noise output. On USFS land and inthe state of California, off-road motorcycles are required to operate at 96db orless when tested with SAE J 1287 standards. Other states like Oregon (at theOregon Dunes) have a 93db level. Noise regulation and enforcement is becoming apopular issue among non-riding residents, state forest personnel andlegislatures looking to constrict the rapidly swelling ATV industry.

Many exhaust manufacturers are focusing resources on producingquiet exhaust products because they know their survival depends on quiettechnologies that will increase the ever-sought-after horsepower.  But manyaftermarket exhausts are very loud. Do your homework and ask questions beforebuying.

 Polaris RZR Exhaust 
The RZR engine sits sideways and behind the seats. The exhaust exits right near the passenger fender and comes out the center/rear. The air filter for the RZR is behind the driver’s seat and there have been a few problems with dirt getting past the filter.

Polaris Ranger RZR Performance Buyer’s Guide:

All RZR Exhaust information can be foundhere.

  • aFe – advanced FLOW engineering

Performance Products: Airbox

  • Dirty Dawg Performance

Performance Products: Clutch

  • DragonFire Racing

Performance Products: Clutch kit, Clutch belt, Fuel Controller, Air Filter

  • Dynojet

Performance Products: EFI Fuel Controller – Power Commander III, LCD Interface Unit

Dynojet - Power Commander III

  • EHS Racing

Performance Products: Air intake

  • EPI

Performance Parts: Clutch weights, springs, CVT belts

  • Holz Racing Products

Performance Products: Primary & Secondary clutch springs, CVT Belt, Airbox seal, Cam, Piston

  • K&T Performance

Turbo Kit

  • Looney Tuned Exhaust

Performance Products: Exhaust, Airbox, Fuel programmer

  • Mountain Performance

Performance Products: ECU reprogramming

  • SpeedWerx / Hot Seat Performance

Performance Products: Exhaust, Piston/Cam kits, Fuel Controller, Clutch Kits

  • Thunderhawk Performance

Performance Products: Turbo Kit (in development)

  • UMP / Mafia Industries

Performance Products: Air Intake

If you manufacture performance parts for Polaris Ranger RZR’s, and are interestedin having your product(s) listed here pleasesendus an email.

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