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Polaris RZR Combo Brake and Gas Pedal Set

Polaris RZR Combo Brake and Gas Pedal Kit

Product Review – Combo Brake and Gas Pedal Kit


The Lonestar Racing RZR pedal combo kit comes with brake pedal, gas pedal and a new spring for the gas pedal.

Combo Kit:

Spring: This stiffer spring helps reduce the throttle chop when trying to hold a steady speed over rough terrain. It does make the initial startup and trailer a little more sensitive due to the clutch grab but overall is a recommended improvement.

Gas Pedal: This strong new gas pedal is made entirely of chromoly steel much stronger than the stock pedal. The pedal has a different profile that increases the spring tension using the same spring. This helps minimize the throttle chop from your foot tapping the pedal. The pedals bolt on with all existing hardware and no modifications necessary.

Brake Pedal: This heavy duty brake pedal is a great addition to the gas pedal. It is an all steel construction with a larger stomp pad and installs directly in place of the OEM pedal.


The installation is pretty simple and took me about 15 minutes.  The hardest part of the install was getting the old brake pedal off.  I had to loosen the four bolts that hold the bracket in place in order to get enough clearance to slide the pedal off.


The pedals look great and the additional strength of the spring has a nice firm feel to it. I really like the new gas pedal without the cheesy stock plastic cover that tilts.

Contact Info:

Lone Star Racing

Lone Star Racing

Website: www.lsracing.com

Phone: 800-457-7223

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