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Muzzys Exhaust for the Polaris RZR 800

Polaris RZR 800 Dual Exhaust Review

Polaris RZR - Muzzys Dual Exhaust
Muzzys Performance Dual Exhaust


Polaris RZR Muzzy Exhaust System

  • Full stainless 2-1-2 design.
  • Dual polished oval stainless mufflers.
  • Billet aluminum muffler mount brackets.
  • +15% power increase.
  • Integrated oxygen sensor bung.
  • Heat shielding included.
  • USFS approved spark arrestors and quiet cores
  • Minimum sound levels / Maximum performance

Fully tuned and stepped, equal length headpipes merge from 2 into1 into 2. The polished aluminum canisters feature billet aluminum inlets and outlets. Each canister comes standard with the Muzzy Modular Endcap system that includes a removable USFS approved spark arrester and quiet core. The muffler canisters are held via two trick looking CNC machined aluminum brackets. The dual muffler design helps keep sound levels to a minimum while maintaining the powerful Muzzy exhaust tone.

Fuel controllers are available:

  • Muzzy Digi-Tune
  • Dynojet Power Commander

Whisper cores are available to reduce noise even further:

Muzzys Dual Exhaust - Whisper cores Muzzys Dual Exhaust - Whisper cores

Other Photos:

Muzzys Polaris RZR Dual Exhaust Muzzys Polaris RZR Dual Exhaust 


Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust

Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Polaris RZR Muzzy Exhaust System

Polaris RZR Muzzy Exhaust System Polaris RZR Muzzy Exhaust System

Manufacturer Info:

Muzzys, Inc.

Phone: 541-385-0706

Website: www.muzzys.com

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