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Polaris RZR 800 Chassis Bones Review

Polaris RZR Chassis Bones Review

Polaris RZR Chassis Bones

Polaris RZR Chassis Bones – Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit


All Terrain Research has developed a kit that greatly increases the strength of the Polaris RZR chassis using machined tubes that sleeve the upper and lower rear frame tubes. Many RZR owners have found the lower frame tubes are easy to dent and this is also a high stress area of the chassis with the upper and lower a-arm mounting point tie ins. The sleeves increase the thickness of the tubes by 130%. The kit features machined end pieces with rubber o-rings that not only keep out mud and water but also improve the finished look of the rear of the RZR by closing the open tubes. The Chassis Bones are finished in a Zinc Chromate finish to resist corrosion and includes stainless steel hardware.


Tools required for installation:

  • Drill

  • T25 Torx bit

  • 3/8″ Allen

  • Torque wrench (nice to have, but not a must)

  • Grease

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

Drill hole in the upper tube directly above zerk fiting.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

The set screws will go here to stop the tubes from spinning.  Make sure you drill in the center of the tube and the location you choose is easy to get to for the drill and screwdriver.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

I put a little grease around the end of the tube to make it easier to slide in and also turn once all the way in.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

The rear plastic needs to be loosened so the upper tubes can be inserted.  The short tubes go up top. Make sure the proper end is inserted.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

Once in place, the set screw can be installed.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

Here is a shot of the tube all the way in the tube.  Notice the tube is inside the end of the chassis by about 3/8″.

Polaris RZR - Rear Chassis Stiffener Kit

End cap with o-ring has been installed and torqued.


The kit is pretty easy to install.  Took me about 45 minutes and I was taking pictures.  If I was going to do it again, I could probably do it in 15-20 minutes. The only problem I had was lining up one of the bottom tubes with the brake line screw.  I ended up using a nail to help find the hole while spinning the end of the tube.

The kit comes complete with everything you need.  They even supply the proper sized drill bit.

The fit and finish is great and I truly believe that the chassis stiffeners will do a good job strengthening the rear of the cage.

Other Photos:


Contact Info:

All Terrain Research
Tyler, TX

Website:  www.atrpowersports.com

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