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2008 Polaris RZR 800 Buildup Project

Polaris RZR 800 Buildup Project

Polaris RZR Buildup Project
2008 Polaris RZR 800

Ultimate RZR Buildup Project

This Polaris RZR is part of several Product Reviews and has appeared in several Side x Side Action Magazinearticles.

Polaris RZR Products Buyer’s Guides:


One of first steps is to address a few safety concerns with a stock RZR.  This will include seats & harnesses, roll cage and either doors (partial or whole) . We will also need some mirrors so we can see what is behind us in the dunes. HID lights so we can see  at night.

Products we used:

Long Travel Kit, Wheels & Tires and Other Suspension Items:

Second project will be a long travel kit (shocks, a-arms, etc.), wheels and tires.Addressing the suspension will not only make the RZR more fun to drive andmore capable, but will also make it more safe by increasing track width,wheelbase and wheel travel.

Long Travel Product Review – Side x Side Action Magazine – March 2008

Products we used:


Performance will be next up. There are several bolt-on type improvements to be made – Exhaust, Intake, Fuel Controller will be Stage One.

Stage One – Performance Products we used:

Communication and Navigation:

Since we will be doing long desert rides in large groups, we will need communication equipment and GPS so we can stay on our route and communicate with other vehicles in our group.

Products we used:


Products we used:

RZR Buildup Product Reviews:

Polaris RZR Buildup - Fullbore Innovations Plastic

RZR Paddle Tire & Wheel

Polaris RZR Seats - PRP Seats

  • HID Lights – Baja Designs

Baja Designs - 4" Fuego Wide Cornering Light

Billet Side View Mirrors for UTVs - Rhino, RZR, Prowler, Ranger, Teryx

Polaris RZR - UMP Air Intake

Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Muzzys Polaris RZR - Dual Exhaust  Polaris RZR Muzzy Exhaust System

Polaris RZR Airbox Cover with Outerwear

Polaris RZR - UHMW Skid Plate from HRP

Polaris RZR Billet Hubs from Fireball Racing Polaris RZR Billet Hubs from Fireball Racing

Project Sponsors

Poalris Industries 

Adrenaline Powersports - Citrus Heights, CA  Fullbore Innovations - RZR Body Plastic

PRP - Premier Racing Products    Fireball Racing - Long Travel kits for RZR, Rhino & Teryx

Baja Designs - LED &  HID Lights  HotRide4U - Polaris RZR Roll Cage

Machine Trix Unlimited - Billet Side Mirrors, Rear View Mirrors  Lonestar Racing - RZR Pedals

Dynojet Research - Power Commander III 

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