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Rugged Radios Sand Skirt plus MAC Helmet Ventilation System

Rugged Radios Sand Skirt

The Rugged Radios Sand Skirt is designed to keep sand and dirt out of your full face helmet when riding around your favorite recreational off-road area. Includes an adhesive strip of velcro to make installation and removal fast and easy.

This lightweight helmet skirt fits most pumper style helmets and does not interfere with side air inlets. Lightweight material allows for fresh air ventilation while blocking out the harsh sands of the desert or dunes.

Mass Air Control helmet ventilation system

The Mass Air Control helmet ventilation system provides 235 CFM of clean air in the harsh offroad environments. Machined from a solid block of billet aluminum, the MAC4.1 is truly built for offroad. Providing constant air flow with only a 4.3 amp max draw, the MAC4.1 runs continuously with quiet operation.
Filter the outside air with the race proven AIRAID multi-layer filtering system with Lifetime Guarantee. Further protected with a slip over Pre-Filter, even the finest dust and silt won’t clog up during a 1000 mile race. The MAC4.1 Air Pumper System from Rugged Radios, is the hardest working helmet air system in the industry!

  • Billet aluminum housing
  • Efficient high volume 235 cfm air flow
  • Quiet constant operation
  • Only 4.3 low amp draw
  • AIRAID multi layer breathable material filter
  • Heavy duty clamp mounting bracket

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