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Ronnie Anderson On The Box Again At WORCS

Polaris ACE 570
Ronnie Anderson in his Polaris ACE 570
Riverside California – Ronnie rolled into Laughlin with high hopes. This would be the 3rd race of the season in his new Walker Evans Polaris XP1000 and he felt very confident with the machine.

In the morning race, (a 17 mile desert loop) the Anderson boys found themselves strapped into the Coastal Racing car. Brother RJ Anderson drove with Ronnie in the co-dawg spot. They did the last 4 laps out of 10. Lap 8 they broke a belt. These boys live Polaris, a broken belt does not even phase them. Within minutes they were back up to speed and making up time. When the dust settled they landed the car in the 6th spot. With no time to celebrate is back to business for both of them for the production race later in the day.

UTVWC went with a unique land rush style format. Dead engine start, 15 cars wide. Turn 1 was expected to be crazy. Much to everyones surprise the carnage would ensue out on the track. Ronnie just missed snaking the hole shot and dropped into 3rd in his row. Once they cleared the infield blinding dust blanketed the course. Ronnie held 3rd for most of the first lap until flying off the course and bending some steering parts.

Polaris ACE 570
Polaris ACE 570 sailing over step down at round 3.

Riverside California

The #520 ACE 570 of Ronnie Anderson has been on a terror in WORCS this season. After 3 rounds of racing its been on the podium 3 times. To say Ronnie feels at home in this machine is an understatement. From railing corners, blasting over whoops or sending it off big jumps Ronnie holds nothing back.

Ronnie grabs the hole shot in Peoria.

Ronnie grabbed the hole shot in SXS Pro Stock. He ran hard and led the first 3 laps. The course in Peoria is very rocky. At the end of lap 3 he suffered 2 flat tires. He was forced into the hot pits for new rubber. Once back on the track he would lay down his fastest lap of the day but broke 2 rear axles while doing it. He pushed through with front wheel drive only and ended up with an 8th place finish.

Ronnie pushing hard after getting fresh tires.

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