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Ron Wood Arctic Cat Wildcat FreeFlow intake and Dual Exhaust

Ron Wood has developed an intake and exhaust for the new Arctic Cat Wildcat. The  intake system  does away with the stock airbox which is situated between the seats at floor board level and the air enters from underneath the chassis, allowing dirty air kicked up from the front tires to get into the airbox.

The new system does away with the airbox altogether. A large three inch diameter stainless steel tube connects to the throttle body via a tapered velocity stack and goes up through the cargo bed, utilizing an oversize K&N filter. Filter covers are also available. Placing the filter in this location, it is less likely to be contaminated with dirty air, and it’s easily accessible for maintenance.

Designed to complement our complete race oriented competition designed dual exhaust system. Using a tapered megaphone with reverse cone configuration prior to entering the muffler canister, along with larger headpipes. This design creates more power through the complete horsepower range, especially mid to top end power over the commonly designed straight through muffler types. The exhaust is fabricated of 304 stainless steel, tig welded, complimented with a satin brushed finish for durability and easy maintenance. Superior “endless strand” packing material is installed for durability and high heat resistance. Three optional endcaps are available; Open, turn down, and forestry approved spark arrestor. Double mounting brackets are on the mufflers for durability under harsh operating conditions and the system is 6 ½ lbs lighter than stock.

Intake introductory price retail $271.00
Exhaust introductory price retail $895.00
Made in USA

See our GoPro video for sound bytes and more information soon at
Ron Wood Racing has been developing new performance products for your ATV and UTV customers. Below is a list of the vehicles we have developed exhausts, intakes and other performance parts around. Most have been race tested in offroad, flat track and ice racing. Some have been proven in races as varied as the Dakar Rally and AMA Grand National competition.

Newer exhausts are constructed of brushed finish 304 stainless steel for durability and good looks. All are constructed using our reverse cone megaphone system and use long lasting endless strand material in our re-packable mufflers.

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