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Rigid Industries Introduces New Flood Optic

Rigid Industries is proudly releasing our latest patented Hybrid Flood Optic. This is a very exciting announcement for Rigid Industries. As technology improves and evolves, Rigid continues to push the envelope to make sure our customers receive the best products possible. We’ve identified an opportunity to improve our Flood Optic and Reflector. The introduction of the new Patented Hybrid Flood Optic, once again, sets the bar for LED Lighting.

The release of our new Flood Optic will provide customers with superior Flood lighting and will maximize the light output on all dedicated flood and spot/flood combo LED lights. The new optic provides a very intense, smooth and full flood pattern ideal for cornering and scene lighting. The Hybrid Flood Optic has a distinct and recognizable Rigid look that stands out from the Hybrid Spot Optic allowing customers to easily identify the individual flood and spot optics. A common customer request in the past was an easier way to identify a Dually Spot from a Dually Flood. We’ve listened and now we’re acting on your request. We truly believe we are giving our customers the best of both worlds with the easily identifiable rugged look of the new Rigid Flood Optic and a significant increase in LED Flood Lighting performance. The best news of all is that there will not be any cost increase for the new optic!

The new optics will become standard in all Dually Flood, SR-Series Combo’s and Floods, E-Series Combo’s and Floods, and M-Series Combo’s and Floods. The manufacturing team will begin production using the new flood optics over the next 2 weeks. Since this is a no cost upgrade to you and your customers, we are asking you to continue selling all current inventories you have. All future orders will be fulfilled with the new Hybrid Flood Optic. Product specification sheets and output data will be available shortly. All lights with the new optics will be clearly marked on the packaging.

About Rigid Industries:
Rigid Industries has been providing off road products and accessories at a great value since being founded in 2001. Customer service, as well as innovation, has always been a cornerstone of Rigids’ success. With the acquisition of Holder Off-road, Rigid Industries became the manufacturer of the E-series LED Light Bars, the brightest and most efficient LED light on the market. In 2008, Rigid Industries acquired Dirt Lights, Inc. and Plane Lights, Inc. to expand the lighting products to include high quality HID product. The addition of these 3 companies has allowed Rigid Industries to offer a complete line of Powersports, Military, Off-road, Marine Lighting. Find Rigid Industries online at:

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