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Yamaha Rhino Tilt Steering Wheel

Yamaha Rhino Tilt Steering

Yamaha Rhino - Tilt Steering Wheel from Pro Precision  Yamaha Rhino - Tilt Steering Wheel from Pro Precision
Tilt Steering Wheel from Pro Precision


The Pro Precision tilt wheel is a direct replacement for the stock Rhino steering column. The tilt wheel comes with a 5-position cam lock tilt mechanism, race quality u-joints, and tough CNC machined output shafts that mate with your stock components.

The tilt wheel system does not work with the stock steering wheel.  Pro Precision does offer aluminum hubs in 5, 6 or 9 hole patterns. 


The tilt wheel system is easy to install with normal garage tools and comes with all the necessary hardware.

Remove stock steering wheel

Remove u-joint bolt from steering shaft – under hood

Remove four bolts holding steering shaft in place

Remove stock steering shaft

Using a 2″ hole saw, open the existing steering shaft hole up

Now use a 5″ hole saw with a 2″ hole saw mounted in the middle as a guide.  This ensures that the 5″ hole will be properly centered. It is very important that the 5″ hole is properly located so take the time to use a 2″ hole saw that makes this easy.

Now it is time to install the new tilt steering shaft.

Slip the new steering column through the 5″ hole. Install the steering shaft u-joint and bolt.  Then install four bolts holding the steering shaft in place.

Install plastic cover and rubber dust ring.

ProPrecision Tilt Steering Wheel adapter
Install steering wheel adapter.  Make sure your wheels are pointing straight.

ProPrecision Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino
Install new steering wheel (not included).

ProPrecision Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino ProPrecision Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino
Test tilt mechanism


The ProPrecision Tilt Steering Wheel Column is a high quality piece.  The fit and finish is very nice.  Installation was pretty simple.  Toughest part was finding a 5″ hole saw.

The feel of the new setup is awesome. It is nice to have different options for wheel position depending on driver and type of driving.

And it was so very nice to finally get rid of that stock steering wheel!

Other Photos:

Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino Tilt Steering Wheel - Rhino

Contact Info:

ProPrecision, Inc.

Website: www.proprecision.com
Phone: 951-640-6682

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