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Yamaha Rhino Radiator Shroud Review

Yamaha Rhino Radiator Shroud

Yamaha Rhino - Aluminum Fan Shroud
Aluminum Fan Shroud


2004 – 2007 Yamaha Rhinos do not have a fan shroud on the radiator.  So when the fan kicks on to cool the radiator, it draws air through the area directly in front of the fan only. To increase the cooling effectiveness of the Rhino’s electric fan, a shroud is needed.

A shroud steps the fan away from the radiator and makes the fan pull air from across the entire radiator.  This greatly affects how quickly the radiator can cool.

Totally Cool Products makes an aluminum fan shroud that bolts right up to the stock mounting location. The shroud is made from .080 5052 Aluminum.The fan is removed from the radiator, and bolted onto the shroud with the supplied hardware. Neoprene gasket material forms a tight seal to radiator core and fan.

This is a inexpensive way to increase the capacity of your cooling system without having to shell out hundreds for a larger capacity radiator.

If you need more cooling than a shroud alone can handle,Totally Cool Products also makes a large volume aluminum radiator that can handle your needs.

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Aluminum Radiator Shroud - Yamaha Rhino Aluminum Radiator Shroud - Yamaha Rhino Aluminum Radiator Shroud - Yamaha Rhino

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