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Yamaha Rhino Cam Installation

Yamaha Rhino Cam Installation

Yamaha Rhino - Camshaft from Web Cams
Web Cams Stage One Yamaha Rhino Cam


Web Cams has created a few different cam profiles for the Yamaha Rhino 660.  All of the cams take into consideration the weight of the Rhino. All of their camshafts are precision ground, heat treated and then coated.

I decided to go with part #80-411 Grind 461/496 Stage One, overall general performance.


Remove CVT air tube

Remove oil line from valve cover

Remove fan cover to gain access to

Fan exposed

Remove intake valve cover

Intake valves

Loosen all the valve cover bolts

Remove cam tension

Valve cover removed

Verifying top-dead-center before removing cam

New cam vs. OEM cam

Valve cover all cleaned up and ready for reinstall

New cam installed at top dead center

Installation performed at Hart’s Rhino Motorsports. Thanks to Paul for letting me look over his shoulder while he worked on my Rhino.


Web Cams:

(951) 369-5144
Riverside, CA

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