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Power Tank Review

Power Tank Review

Power Tank On-Board CO2
Power Tank’s CO2 Tank with SuperFlow Regulator

Everyone that has a sand car pretty much needs to havecompressed air in the dunes. Duners either have an air compressor in theirtrailer, some type of portable 12 volt system, or a portable tank.

In our case, it has been a trusty portable air tank. I like tohave a portable tank so that air can be taken out in the dunes to a car with abroken bead. The problem is, the bulky steel tank carries 120 psi of compressedair. Fine for filling up tires, but re-beading a tire can take a lot of air at ahigh volume (rate).

Setting a blown bead with a Power Tank is much easier. Set theoutlet pressure of the Power Tank up to 200 psi (high volume). Jack the vehicleup and clean out the bead.  Remove the core of the valve stem, then use thePower Tank to blast the tire back into place. Once the tire has been beaded,re-insert the valve core, lower the outlet pressure and fill the tire.

I also didn’t like the bulky size of the air tank, and I neverhad a good spot for it in my trailer.

The solution to my problems came along when I purchased a PowerTank. 

Power Tank systems feature a proprietary SuperFlow™ regulatortechnology designed to provide super high flow rates of CO2 vapor without”freeze clogging”, the number one problem with other high CO2 pressureregulators, or self-destructing due to sub-freezing temperatures subjected tointernal components.

The only drawback to that I have found to this setup is when youhave to fill it up. Gone are the days of firing up the compressor in your shopto top off the air tank.  The Power Tank must be filled with high pressureCO2. Some welding supply shops may be able to fill them, but be careful that youget your tank back and not an exchange.  We ended up going to Solon Fire inRancho Cordova to have our tank filled. The good news is one fill should last along time.

Setting the bead using the Power Tank
Setting the bead on a sand tire using the Power Tank

Contact Info:

Advanced Air Systems, Inc.
2214 Babson Dr.
Elk Grove, CA 95758

Phone: (209) 366-2163

Website: www.powertank.com

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