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Polaris RZR S on Long ATV Ramps
Loading Ramps from LongATVRamps.com


LongATVRamps.com specialize in long, lightweight ramps which allow you to safely load your ATV or UTV into a truck, flatbed or tall trailer. The ramps are made from 6061 aluminum weigh about 28 lbs each. The ramps are 9.5 ft. long and 15 in. wide, but fold to just 64 inches.

Aluminum UTV Loading Ramps
The 9.5′ ATV Ramps will support up to 1000 lbs per ramp or 2000 lbs per set.

Aluminum ATV Ramps
The ramps are 15 in. wide with 3″ angle side walls keeps tires inside.

Long ATV Ramps
Kick Stop prevents ramps from sliding forward.

Folding Aluminum ATV Ramps
The ramps fold in the middle with plenty of material to hold the weight of a UTV and are setup to maintain an arc for added strength.


If you like to haul your UTV in the back of a truck, then you know how nerve racking it can be to load with short ramps that aren’t rated for the weight of a UTV.

LongATVRamps.com has that all figured out with long ramps that fold in half for easy hauling, but with the strength needed to safely load into the back of a truck. The ramps are made very well and are priced so it is a no-brainer.

When loading your UTV, remember to drive up in 4WD/Low andALWAYS use a tie down ratchet or cam buckle strap to avoid ramp kickout.

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Long Aluminum ATV/UTV RampsLong Aluminum ATV/UTV RampsLong Aluminum ATV/UTV Ramps

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Website:  www.longatvramps.com
Phone: 888-284-1280


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