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FOX 2.5 PODIUM-X Shock Review

2.5″ FOX Podium X Replacement Shocks

FOX 2.5 inch Podium X aluminum body shock
Polaris RZR XP 2.5″ FOX Replacement Shocks


2.5 inch Podium X aluminum body shockFor more than three decades, FOX has been the industry leader in the design and development of high-performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products for snowmobiles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and off-road cars and trucks. Now FOX has redefined ride dynamics for today’s sport UTVs with its new2.5 inch Podium X aluminum body shock.

The UTV market has exploded in the last five years. Enthusiasts have pushed manufacturers to build vehicles that go faster, fly higher, and charge through nasty desert terrain like never before. While factory shock packages are great for most riders, hardcore enthusiast and racers often need more.
With FOX 2.5 inch Podium X aluminum shocks, you can redefine your limits and go faster and higher with more control.

Robust 2.5 Inch Body
The new shock has a 6061-T6 smooth bore seamless aluminum body. The larger body allows for greater damping force capability while allowing the shock to run at lower overall temperatures. The 2.5 inch aluminum body allows a 50 percent increase in the piston area, which allows the shock to do more work with lower internal pressures, less heat, and greater durability.

Dual-Speed Compression (DSC) AdjustmentSimple Dual-Speed Compression (DSC) Adjustment
With DSC, you can adjust the shock’s high- and low-speed compression damping by simply turning the external adjusters. The Podium X’s DSC allows you to maximize small bump compliance and traction while still having the extra damping required for big hits.

The high-speed compression adjuster affects compression damping mainly during medium to fast suspension movements such as steep jump faces, harsh flat landings, and aggressive whoops.
The low-speed compression adjuster impacts compression damping mostly during slow suspension movements like G-outs or smooth jump landings. It also affects wheel traction and the harshness or plushness of the vehicle.

Adjustable Rebound DampingQuick and Adjustable Rebound Damping
FOX’s new UTV shock allows for personalized rebound damping adjustment. Rebound damping controls the rate at which the shock returns after it has been compressed. The ability to make adjustments as the load, riding style, and terrain change is key to staying in control.

Bottom-Out Control(B.O.C) Technology
FOX’s B.O.C. technology provides extra resistance against harsh bottom-outs. As the Podium X shock is compressed, a secondary piston enters the bottom-out cup in the final 25 percent of travel to produce up to 3,000 pounds of additional damping force.

Without this, riders are forced to run a much stiffer setup to absorb a large impact. The technology allows Podium X shocks to be tuned to give improved small bump control in the upper portion of the stroke, while still maintaining the ability to absorb huge impacts and landings effectively.

Race-Run Dynamics For Every Ride
With the larger capacity, ability to absorb huge impacts, and all of the adjustability found in FOX’s new 2.5 inch Podium X shock, you can take your UTV to the next level. Whether you’re racing WORCS, Best in the Desert, or just charging through huge whoops in the sand, the new 2.5 inch Podium X shock will take you there with more control, comfort, and durability.

You can learn more atridefox.com

FOX UTV 2.5 PODIUM-X from FOX on Vimeo.

Ride Review:

We met up with FOX engineers in Barstow, CA to test the new FOX 2.5 shocks on a Polaris RZR XP 900 and Arctic Cat Wildcat. If you have been off-roading in Barstow, you know that it is an unforgiving place.  If you haven’t been there, then imagine deep, uneven whoops created by every sort of off-road vehicle imaginable.  In most UTVs, the only way to traverse the area is going slow. The stock RZR XP and Wildcat can perform pretty well here, but I knew that both machines could benefit from better-than-stock shocks.

Polaris RZR XP with FOX 2.5 Podium X ShocksPolaris RZR XP with FOX 2.5 Podium X Shocks
Polaris RZR XP with FOX 2.5 Podium X Shocks

Arctic Cat Wildcat with FOX 2.5 Podium X ShocksArctic Cat Wildcat with FOX 2.5 Podium X Shocks
Arctic Cat Wildcat with FOX 2.5 Podium X Shocks in the rear and 2.0 front

What I immediately felt with the FOX 2.5’s is a more plush ride  when in cruise mode.  Then when I turned up the speed, I felt the bottom out control kick in to help soak up the big hits.

And with the bigger shock body and reservoir, the shocks did not fade like the smaller 2 inch stock shocks.

The external adjusters for high and low-speed compression and rebound damping are key as well. They let me fine-tune the shock for riding terrain and vehicle load. For example, when I drove our set loop by myself, I left the adjustment at the factory setting.  When I added another rider, I added two more clicks of high and low-speed compression to compensate for the extra weight.

External adjustability is key, but it is the whole package of the new FOX 2.5 inch Podium X aluminum shocks that has me excited about running them on my 2013 Polaris RZR XP 900 LE. The large body allows for more oil capacity and larger internal parts. AndFOX’s B.O.C. technology provides for extra control when hitting big jumps and unexpected g-outs.

Any if you are in to racing WORCS, GNCC or Best in the Desert, these shocks will be a huge advantage.

FOX engineers talk about the benefits to new 2.5" shock

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