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Axia Alloys Cargo Mount

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Axia Alloys Cargo Mount System

Cargo Mounting System


The Axia Alloys Cargo System is the most versatile UTV mounting system on the market. These two adjustable arms allow you to mount virtually anything to a horizontal crossbar on the roll cage. These extremely strong arms are machined from aircraft quality aluminum so that they are strong enough for virtually any size cooler, one or two gas cans, duffel bags, toolboxes, camping gear, etc.  When not in use they can easily be rotated up and out of the way for more rear passenger leg room or other cargo. They are supplied with several different lengths of Velcro straps to hold both small and large items.  

A roll cage with a horizontal bar either located in front of or along the side of the bed are required to properly use this mounting system.


Axia Alloys uses a modular roll cage clamping system that is used to attach their accessories to your roll bar. This innovative system allows you to choose from several different sizes of strap clamps depending on your roll cage tubing diameter, and apply these clamps to a variety of unique attachments. These strap clamps have an extremely low profile around the cage tubing for clearance under windshields, roofs, and other accessories

Axia Alloys - modular roll cage clamping system

And since the clamp is separate from the accessory, it is easy to mix and match various accessories with different roll bar sizes.

Axia Alloys Roll Bar Clamps
1.0″, 1.25″,1.5″, 1.625″, 1.7″, 1.75″, 1.875″ and 2.0″ clamp sizes


The Axia Alloys Cargo System is truly a flexible setup. All sorts of sizes and shapes can be securely tied down in the bed of your UTV.

Cargo Tie Down
The old way of securing my Action Packer in the RZR S

Axia Alloys Cargo System
The new way of securing my Action Packer

I especially liked how they worked in our 2010 Polaris RZR S since there aren’t solid tie down points. Previously, I used a combination of bungee cords and a ratchet strap. The Axia Alloys setup is much cleaner and more secure.

Other Photos:

Axia Alloys Cargo SystemAxia Alloys Fuel Can MountAxia Alloys Gas Can MountAxia Alloys Cargo Mounting System

Contact Info:

Axia Alloys
6503 W. Frye Rd.
Suite# 11
Chandler, AZ 85226

Phone: 480-216-6266


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