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32-inch Tire Review

32-inch STI Chicane Tire

With drivetrain and power improvements being made to the sport UTV category, 32-inch tires are becoming more popular.  A larger tire not only increases ground clearance, but also look great. The biggest issue with big 32-inch tires is additional weight. A heavier tire adds more rotating mass which robs power and stresses driveline components like CVT clutch, axles, CVs and differentials.

32-inch STI Chicane

STI 32x10R15 Chicane – The Chicane RX tire combination results from STI’’s years of hands-on experience and proven testing that has produced a broad line of high-performance tires and wheels. Featuring a unique split-knob non-directional tread design, the Chicane RX line is DOT marked and ready to hit the road for powerful performance and high-mileage value. The design’s 8-ply carcass offers the perfect mix of durability, light weight, and smooth ride flexibility. See more: 32x10R15 STI Chicane Review

32x10R15 STI Chicane32x10R15 STI Chicane
32x10R15 STI Chicane

Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
Running hard in the desert with32x10R15 STI Chicane

32-inch MRT Race

MRT 32x10R15 Race – From MotoRaceTire.com. Delivering KEVLAR TRIPLE “ARMOR BELT” NO FLATS RUN FLAT Track and Field; The Ultra Light Weight Tire will support you on the Track, Rocks, Mud, Sand or Gravel. Separated Tread Design and Aggressive side bits keep you vehicle on track

32-inch MRT X-ROX Tire
MRT 32x10R15 Race

FOX Edition Polaris RZR XP 1000Polaris RZR XP 1000
Rock Crawling in Johnson Valley

32-inch MRT X-ROX

MRT 32x10R14 X-ROX – From MotoRaceTire.com  – Delivering KEVLAR TRIPLE “ARMOR BELT” NO FLATS DOT COMPLIANT Rugged 8 Ply, 1330lb Load Rating The CRAWLER “X ROX DD” Features special sticky compound in a 32x10R14 size. See More: MRT 32x10R14 X_ROX DD Review

Polaris RZR XP1000 FOX Edition Moto Race Tire 32x10R14 X-ROX DD
MRT 32x10R14 X-ROX

Rock Crawling at Prairie City SVRA

FOX Edition Polaris RZR XP 1000
Prairie City SVRA

32-inch ITP Ultracross

ITP Ultracross 32x10R15 – Unique, multi-surface, non-directional tread design improves off-road traction and versatility. 8-ply radial construction with more openly spaced tread pattern makes the Ultracross R Spec tire a superb option for desert and slick rock conditions. More pictures:Polaris RZR XP Turbo Buildup.

32-Inch ITP Ultracross
ITP Ultracross 32x10R15

Polaris RZR XP Turbo
Sand Hollow – SxS Adventure Rally

Polaris RZR XP Turbo in the snow
Sierra Nevada Mountains – Snow Day

32-inch STI Rocktane

STI Rocktane XD 32x10R14 – With its 8-ply-rated radial carcass, the Roctane XD is built to confidently handle today’s UTVs, no matter how large, fast and aggressive they are. And with a dozen different sizes, including the new super-tall 34-inch, plus 30- and 32-inch models, there is a Roctane XD for your machine.

A heavier denier nylon cord maximizes tire toughness while retaining flexibility for a comfortable ride. The Roctane XD’s specially formulated tread compound extends its life even further, yet it still grips the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler.

More Photos: Polaris RZR XP1000 Buildup

32-inch STI Roctane XD
32x10R14 STI Rocktane XD

32-inch Arisun After Shock XD

32x10R14 Arisun After Shock XD – Specially formulated rubber compound is flexible yet durable for harsh conditions found in Desert Cross Racing. Aramid reinforced composite material is placed in 3rd cord and sandwiched between two layers of nylon that wraps around shoulder / sidewall for added puncture protection. Radial 8 ply construction with closely spaced tread blocks provide a smooth ride on hard pack surfaces with siped knobs that are compliant climbing over rocks.

32x10R14 Arisun After Shock XD

32x10R14 Arisun After Shock XD

32x10R14 Arisun After Shock XD

32x10R14 Arisun After Shock XD

32-inch GBC Kanati Mongrel

32x10R15 GBC Kanati Mongrel – all-purpose, DOT-approved tire for Side-by-Sides offers unparalleled performance in all terrains. The Kanati Mongrel overcomes the toughest off-road obstacles while providing a smooth and safe ride in your street legal SXS. See more: GBC Motorsports Expands Kanati Mongrel Sizes; Adds 32” Tire

32x10R15 GBC Mongrel32x10R15 GBC Mongrel32-inch Kanati Mongrel
Running the dunes in Glamis with 32-inch Kanati Monrel tires

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