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2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R

By Cody Hooper

We bolt a set of PRP’s adventure-oriented buckets into our 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R

Picking a seat is tough, especially in a market where there are dozens of great options to choose from. Think of it like buying a pair of shoes- each seat style is manufactured differently. Waist widths, side bolster angles, seat depth, and more adjustable parameters should be your main focus when purchasing a set of seats, as you’ll be spending a LOT of time in them. Luckily, Southern California’s PRP Seats has enough options to satisfy any buyer, backed up by the knowledge to point a potential customer in the right direction.


We went into this project knowing that we wouldn’t be racing the YXZ, but we would be driving it hard. We wanted something more supportive than the stock seats, with harness pass-throughs to keep our 5 points in the right location. A moderate amount of side bolstering was also on our checklist, as the YXZ is capable of some serious trail speed. After speaking with PRP’s Aaron Wedeking, we ordered up a set of
their RS buckets for our 2019 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS-SE.

The RS bucket is billed as a race-inspired seat with lower hip bolsters than their full-race seats. This eases your ingress and egress, as you don’t have a tall side bolster to straddle as you climb in. The RS seats are still plenty supportive for riders of most shapes and sizes. Our primary tester is 6’2” and 250 lbs, and the seat fits him snugly. Smaller drivers & passengers fit in the seats well, as the deeper seat pocket allows the seat to hold you in place well. The seat is extra wide in the shoulder region for added support for larger riders.




We picked our seats up direct from PRP at their manufacturing facility in Temecula, California. PRP has been building seats here for many years, and do almost all of their work in-house. They have two production buildings- one builds and finishes the seat frames, and the other one upholsters and pads the final seats. Their production is semi-automated, using state-of-the-art computer controlled cutting machines that cut raw material sheets into smaller patterns that are then labeled and batched for production. Their talented manufacturing team can produce over 400 seats a week from their modestly- sized facility. PRP does stock some OE-color seats in house, but the beauty lies in customization. On
PRP’s website, you can select dozens of color and trim options for your seats, with over 50 various material types and colors available. PRP also gives you the option to add front goggle pockets, a rear storage pocket, 70 oz water bladder for hydration, air lumbar support, and even seat heaters. Custom seats typically require an extra couple of weeks for delivery.


We drove home with a set of PRP’s RS seats, 3” 5.3 harnesses, and steel mounting brackets all stuffed into the back seat of a Chevy Volt. Once we arrived back at the shop, we began unbolting the stock Yamaha seats and harnesses. On the 2019 YXZ, a small plastic piece in the seat basin must be trimmed on the driver’s side to fit the adapter brackets, which still allow the stock seat slider to function. PRP even includes an additional harness mounting tab on the new bracket, which aligns the left and right lap belt mounting bolts. On the stock YXZ, the inboard mount for the belt is further down and back, making the lap belts uneven when you install harnesses. PRP’s kit bolted up without any issues, and took us about an hour to finish both sides.

Once bolted up, it is very important to fit the harnesses to the driver and passenger. The lap belts should sit low on the waist and should be very snug. The 5 th point on the harness, often referred to as the submarine belt, is made to keep the lap belt pulled down and away from the stomach. Proper positioning of the shoulder belts is important as well. The harnesses should mount directly behind the seat and feed through the upper seat slot to keep them contained. A capturing device of some sort should be used on the upper harness bar to keep them from sliding side to side. PRP’s 5 point harnesses utilize a chest buckle to keep the harnesses from slipping off of the occupant’s shoulders. This buckle
should be positioned directly over the sternum, and not high-up on the chest. Improper positioning of the buckle could lead to injury of the neck or throat in the event of an accident. Taking the time to properly align your belts before you drive will not only make the ride more comfortable, but it will ensure that the harnesses function as intended in the event of a crash.

Once we had the YXZ all dialed in with PRP’s seats and harnesses, we set off for a week of riding near Lake Havasu, Arizona. The rough, rocky trails, whooped-out sand washes, and big G-outs were the perfect testing ground for the new PRP products. The RS seats received high praise for how easy they were to climb into and out of. They still provide a great amount of support, plenty for aggressive trail riding. The suspension seats add a bit of cushion to hard bottom-outs, which come very rarely in the new YXZ1000R. The harness padding is wide and comfortable, and while sewn-together harnesses are a little easier to buckle, we really loved the adjustability of the 5.3 harnesses. PRP’s EZ adjusters at the
shoulder allow you to quickly loosen the upper harnesses should you need to reach over to the glovebox, etc. They are very easy to adjust, even after a week of dust and rain trying their best to glue everything in place.

We have ridden on many of PRP’s seats over the years, and the RS is quickly becoming one of our favorites. It’s a great mix of support and comfort, and the multi-density seat foam is holding up well so far. We have put thousands of miles on PRP seats before, so we know they are plenty strong. The RS is a great choice for the average UTV enthusiast looking for more support without the super-snug fit.

Comfort is one of the most important aspects to us here at UTV Guide, and PRP has a lock on improving it. Call PRP today to speak to one of their knowledgeable staff, and get the seat that’s right for your body and riding style!

CONTACT: PRP SEATS: or call (951) 894-5104

Retail Cost:

  • RS Seats (pair, Yamaha Blue): $1,026.00
  • 5.3 Harness (one side, 6 available colors): $139.00

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