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Pratt & Miller Engineering and Motus testing engine swap kit for thePolaris® RZR® XP1000 side-by-side

New Hudson, MI- Pratt & Miller Engineering and Motus are testing a turn-key engine swap kit for the popular RZR® XP1000 side-by-side.The first completed vehicle is headed to Glamis in California’s Imperial Sand Dunes for initial testing and promotion. Built for extreme performance, the MV4-ZR Crate Engine Kit offers over 60% more power than the stock engine and 25% more power than anything in the current RZR® line-up.

“We are really excited about the big performance gains seen after installing the American V4”, commented Lynn Bishop, VP Engineering Services at Pratt & Miller Engineering. “The stock engine is great for many drivers, but the added power is a game changer in terms of hole-shots and acceleration out of turns. And, it has a visceral, American muscle sound that really sets it apart.”

Testing is underway to validate the durability of components in a wide range of driving conditions. Once Motus and Pratt & Miller are satisfied with the final package and the bill of materials is finalized, pricing and availability will be announced. All MV4-ZR Crate Engine kits will be installed by factory-trained American V4 installers or dealers being sought now.

“Swapping the 110 hp stock engine for a 180 hp American V4 changes your XP1000 into a serious hot rod, so it has to be done right. The MV4-ZR turn-key engine swap kit will come with everything needed for professional installation by a factory-trained technician, either at a participating Motus dealer or a quality local SxS dealer/shop.” said Brian Case, Design Director, Motus.

The MV4-ZR project will come as no surprise to those familiar with Motus and Pratt & Miller. When first developing the MST-series of comfortable American sportbikes, Motus enlisted Pratt & Miller for complex engineering, fabrication and durability testing. Pratt & Miller is in the unique position of offering sophisticated program management to coordinate design, engineering, fabrication, and durability testing- all in-house- which guarantees efficiency and success of complex projects. So, when Motus decided to re-power the RZR®, Pratt & Miller was the obvious partner.

In addition to developing off-road vehicles for major defense contractors, Pratt & Miller has ten ALMS manufacturer’s championships, nine driver’s titles and eight class victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the world’s biggest sports car race. In 2015, Corvette Racing secured the endurance “Triple Crown” by winning all three major endurance races (24 Hour of Le Mans, 12 Hours of Sebring, and the 24 Hours of Daytona).

“There isn’t anyone with more proven success building bullet-proof, high performance vehicles than Pratt & Miller”, said Brian Case, Motus Design Director. “24 hour endurance racing requires extreme durability and Pratt & Miller has shown over and over that their design, engineering, fabrication, and testing capabilities are truly second-to-none.”

The project goal was to dramatically increase powertrain performance of the RZR® XP1000 with as little modification to the chassis or other components as possible. Pratt & Miller started with a stock 2015 XP1000 and designed everything needed to re-power it with the Motus MV4 “Baby Block” engine, leaving as much stock as possible.

Vehicle Quick Specs
  • Chassis – 2015 Polaris® RZR® XP1000 EPS
  • Engine – Motus V4 Baby Block®, naturally aspirated
  • Engine swap kit – Pratt & Miller Engineering
  • Gearbox – Stock
  • Clutch – STM 
  • Exhaust – Pratt & Miller Engineering
  • Intake – Pratt & Miller Engineering
  • Wheels – Stock
  • Tires – Stock
  • Suspension – Stock
  • Graphics – Competition Graphics
  • Safety Harness – PRP 5.3

American V4.
The mighty V4 Baby Block® delivers impressive power and torque using the same architecture found in the most reliable and competitive small block V8 engines in the world. 
  • overhead valves, pushrods
  • chain driven cam-in-block
  • hydraulic valvetrain 
  • closed loop fuel injection with electronic throttle control
  • 180 bhp, 123+ ft. lbs torque, naturally aspirated 
  • 140 lbs weight 
Initially conceived to power Motus’ comfortable American sportbikes, the second generation V4 Baby Block was further developed to be adaptable for a range of uses. Unlike most motorcycle engines of unit construction with the gearbox, Motus’ V4 offers an automotive-style bellhousing that lends itself to easy adaptation into various applications. In addition to powering Motus production motorcycles, there are currently marine, automotive, and other motorcycles using the American V4. The MV4-ZR engine swap kit is the first American V4 SxS application and the first fully developed aftermarket kit offered by Motus. 
About Motus
Motus® manufactures American V4® powertrains and comfortable sportbikes designed to excel in performance, comfort and range. Founded in 2008, Motus Motorcycles is a trademark of Birmingham Motorcycle Company, LLC. For more information about Motus, please visit: and;; like: Facebook; or call: 205-208-9966, ext 104. MV4-ZR Press Kit here
About Pratt & Miller Engineering
Pratt & Miller Engineering – a dominant force in professional motorsports – designs, engineers, and manufactures world-class vehicles, components and software. The company is defining the future of mobility, survivability, occupant protection, electronics, and lightweight systems for vehicles. Pratt & Miller serves a global customer base including those in the Motorsports, Defense, Automotive, and Powersports industries.
Please visit for more information or contact Pratt & Miller’s Commercial Director, Brandon Widmer: (248) 446-9800.

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