Polaris Ranger HD

Polaris Ranger HD

2009 Polaris RANGER HD
Polaris Ranger HD


“The 2009 line up is the most-significant and extensive product introduction inRANGER history,” said Matt Homan, general manager of Polaris’ Side-by-Side division. “We kept all the features that make a RANGERgreat, Electronic Fuel Injection, Independent Rear Suspension, Polaris True All-Wheel Drive; and completely re-engineered the rest to include more rugged styling, improved ergonomics, easier steering, more cab space and exclusive Adjustable Dual A-Arm front suspension, to create the next generation of RANGER utility vehicles that work even harder and ride even smoother.”

Along with a brand new RANGER 4×4 and RANGER XP, Polaris is introducing the new RANGER HD, the ultimate heavy-duty utility vehicle with Self Leveling rear suspension and power steering.

The new RANGERs work harder and are easier on the operator due to new improved thoughtful ergonomics designed to let the operator work longer and enjoy a better ride. The new models feature more seat and leg space, reoriented gas and brake pedal for improved operator comfort, new angled-back seat that is similar to a car and a relocated brake lever for operation inside and outside of the vehicle. Polaris also redesigned the steering wheel for better steering with gloves and added standard tilt steering with the highest range of motion for maximum comfort. Along with tilt steering, the new models have a 50 percent easier steering effort which helps maneuverability in tight areas such as farm yards or woods. 

Polaris RANGER always has been known for its generous storage and the newRANGERs offer the only storage options designed for real life work and recreation. With a industry-leading 46 percent more dash storage than the competitors for convenient storing of farm, work and hunting items, and under-hood storage for those items not frequently accessed, such as a spare battery or tow ropes, the new RANGERs have the most productive storage in the industry. The RANGER XP and RANGER HD also have a removable under-seat compartment for added storage or an optional cooler insert that is offered by PURE Polaris.

To make the smoothest ride in the industry even smoother, Polaris outfitted the new  RANGERs with exclusive Adjustable Dual A-Arm front suspension in addition to it’s legendary smooth independent rear suspension. Exclusive to RANGER, the new models feature motion ratio and preload suspension adjustment front and rear. The new Dual A-Arm front suspension has two upper shock mounting points on each wheel giving a motion ratio adjustment that dramatically increases stiffness of suspension. The preload adjustment, available on each wheel, increases the initial spring compression for a 30 percent stiffer ride when needed. The new suspension allows for the maintenance of ground clearance (12 in/30.5 cm) and suspension travel (9.63 in/24.5 cm front, 9 in/22.9 cm rear) when carrying heavier loads and using accessories such as plows, cabs and sprayers for work applications. It also allows for easier use of after-market suspension packages and easy widening of vehicle for recreational purposes. To combat ruts, stumps and rocks, the new RANGERs also offer anti-kickback steering that reduces feedback over bumps and makes the vehicle steerable with one hand.

For ultra heavy-duty work applications, Polaris is introducing RANGER HD which has all the new RANGER features plus an exclusive Self-Leveling Suspension and Variable Assist Power Steering. Known as the ultimate “Hardest Working, Smoothest Riding” side-by-side, RANGER HD is perfect for farm, construction site or any application that requires heavy hauling and towing.

Polaris RANGER HD - Self-Leveling Suspension
Self-Leveling Suspension

To complement RANGER ‘s exclusive, Adjustable Dual A-Arm front suspension, the RANGER HD features the first-ever Self-Leveling Suspension on a utility vehicle. When carrying heavy loads, the Nivomat® shocks automatically adjust the suspension resulting in the highest loaded ground clearance of any utility vehicle. Due to a lower spring rate, the Nivomats provide a smoother ride and the ability to go long distances at 50 MPH fully-loaded, making hauling loads such as fertilizer, feed or building materials quicker and easier.

2009 Polaris RANGER HD - BOSS Lift & Carry System
 BOSS® Lift & Carry System

For easier steering during heavy-duty work applications, RANGER HD also features power steering with exclusive Variable Assist. RANGER HD’s power steering allows for one-finger steering at low speeds and eliminates feedback at high speeds so the operator can work longer and enjoy the ride. The system is perfect for plowing as well as the new BOSS® Lift & Carry System that attaches to the front of the RANGER HD and can lift and carry up to 500 lbs.

Polaris Ranger HD Specifications:

  • Tough front end with bumper, inset lights, heavy-duty bash plate, dedicated vehicle tie down points and inset tow hook cage for additional front differential protection
  • Exclusive, adjustable dual A-Arm front suspension with independent rear allows for 9.63”/24.5 cm front travel, 9”/22.9 cm rear travel
  •  Work-enabling ergonomics including tilt steering, easier steering effort and seat back angle
  • Variable assist power steering critical for heavy duty applications
  • Exclusive Self-Leveling Suspension in the rear automatically adjusts to heavy loads
  •  Available in Turbo Silver
  • 40 HP, 700 EFI Engine
  • 50 MPH/80.5 km top speed
  • Full instrumentation
  • On Demand AWD with Turf Mode
  • 1000 lb./453.6 kg box, 1500 lb./680.4 kg total payload
  • One ton/907.2 kg towing
  • Removable under-seat storage
  • Lock & Ride Cargo System
  • Adjustable Dual A-Arm Front Suspension
  • Independent Rear Self Leveling Suspension with Nivomat shocks
  • Variable assist power steering
  • 9.63”/24.5 cm front travel, 9”/22.9 cm rear travel
  • 12”/30.5 cm Ground Clearance
  • Seating for three
  • Work-enabling ergonomics
  • Available Lift & Carry with 500 lb capacity.

More about the Nivomat Shocks used in the Polaris RANGER HD Self-Leveling System:

Nivomat shocks are made by ZF Sachs.

Nivomat is a semi-supporting system working in combination with a mechanical spring.

Nivomat looks like a standard shock absorber with a piston rod with damping valves at the end, an outer tube and a cylinder tube. Several components are added to provide the leveling function. Two reservoirs are contained in the outer tube, an oil reservoir (or low pressure reservoir) and a high pressure chamber. Inside the piston rod is the pump chamber (with inlet and outlet valve) and the pump rod, which serves as a height sensor or regulator and a release bore which releases the pressure after the vehicle has reached level.

A load initially causes static compression of the vehicle’s suspension. Once the vehicle begins to move, the pump is activated by the relative movement of the body. Extension of the piston rod causes oil to be drawn through the inlet valve into the pump. Compression then pushes the oil through the outlet valve into the high pressure chamber. The pressure in the oil reservoir decreases as the pressure in the high pressure chamber increases. The increasing pressure acts on the piston rod and raises the vehicle at a continuous rate.

Once the vehicle has reached optimum height, oil is no longer drawn in. The height regulator opens a bypass between the high pressure chamber and the pump chamber preventing oil from flowing out of the oil reservoir.

When the vehicle is unloaded the vehicle begins to rise. The height regulator opens the release bore. Oil flows out of the high pressure chamber into the oil reservoir, the pressure drops in the high pressure chamber and the vehicle lowers to the initial height.

Since Nivomat is mechanical, the vehicle needs to be moving before the pump starts to work and it takes about a mile to a mile-and-a-half of travel before the vehicle reaches its optimal level point.

The system is available on the GM Suburban and Tahoe as part of a towing package, so this isn’t new techology.

2009 Polaris RANGER HD Photos:

2009 Polaris RANGER HD 4x4 RANGER HD features a Self-Leveling Suspension

 2009 Polaris RANGER HD -  BOSS Lift & Carry System 2009 Polaris RANGER HD -  BOSS® Lift & Carry System

2009 Polaris RANGER HD  2009 Polaris RANGER HD  Polaris RANGER - BOSS Lift & Carry System

Polaris Ranger HD - Dump Bed Polaris Ranger HD - Dump Bed Polaris Ranger HD - Dump Bed

Polaris Ranger HD Polaris Ranger HD


Long Term Ranger HD Review

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