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Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S Buildup

Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S

As with most of the vehicles in our fleet, our Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S didn’t remain stock for long. After picking up the vehicle at Camp RZR (see POLARIS RZR XP 4 TURBO S DUNE REVIEW) and following that excursion up with another dune test at Sand Mountain (see POLARIS RZR XP 4 TURBO S DUNE REVIEW – FULLY LOADED) and a 4-seat shootout (see BATTLE OF THE FOUR-SEATERS), it was time to put it under the knife. We dropped it off in Bakersfield California in the capable hands of Cognito Motorsports with the vision of creating 2019 version of the Jagged X Edition Polaris RZR from back in 2013.

Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S Dune Review

The goal was to build the ultimate adventure vehicle that was both versatile and practical. The extra storage in place of rear seats was a big win in our book but after carrying around a crew of folks during our Sand Mountain excursion, we put to rest the idea of doing a full delete and at least retained the option of popping the seats back in if we so choose. Similar to the boxes that replaced seats in the Jagged X RZR, the Cognito Motorsports system utilizes factory seat bases making it very versatile.

If you follow UTV racing at all then you’re familiar with Cognito Motorsports.  Owner Justin Lambert is an accomplished racer himself which gives him the unique ability to test and develop products first hand without relying solely on feedback from a team of racers. He’s been charged with building multiple cars for us in the past and we were excited to turn his team lose on this build.

Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S

Fully Customized Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S

While the car hasn’t seen the last of it’s days in the sand, we have big plans to utilize this machine in the rocks and the desert so adequate protection was in order. Lambert started by dressing the machine up with a full Cognito Motorsports roll cage, doors and front and rear bumpers. 

Cognito Motorsports Fuel & Cargo Carrier

Other “adventure necessities” are a spare tire and storage space for gear and fuel. Cognito makes a handy rear seat fuel and cargo carrier that allows you to carry two fuel jugs with plenty of room for other gear and doesn’t require removing the rear seat mounting hardware. This is the part of building an adventure machine that really got us excited because you get all the performance benefits of a four seat vehicle (longer wheelbase, more stability) with extra storage space and don’t have to worry about lugging around extra passengers. Throw in the spare tire carrier and this vehicle would have been more than sufficient for the average enthusiast to disappear into the desert for a few days but then, we’re far from average.

Cognito Motorsports Spare Tire Carrier

Cognito Motorsports Spare Tire Carrier

If you can remember that far back, 2013 was a big year in terms of performance in the side by side industry. Can-Am was the first manufacturer to break the 100 horsepower ceiling with the Maverick 1000R and Polaris debuted the RZR 900 Jagged X High Output Edition which provided a whopping 94 horsepower.

Polaris RZR XP H.O. Jagged X Edition

2013 Polaris RZR XP H.O. Jagged X Edition

While these machines were top of the food chain in their day, considering the RZR XP TURBO S puts out an astounding 168 horsepower straight from the factory, looking back on these vehicles feels a bit like looking through old photos in your high school yearbook…it’s hard to believe at one time that was considered cool.

Boondocker Dominator Turbo

Boondocker Double Down Muffler

You’ll get no complaints from us regarding this vehicle’s factory power plant but a little extra horsepower never hurt anybody, especially in the sand. If we do end up carrying a full load around the dunes, the Dominator Turbo upgrade from BoonDocker is an easy, bolt on solution to seriously wake this motor up. The kit includes a brand new BoonDocker turbocharger, full clutch kit, Dyno-Jet Tuner with optimal tunes for both pump gas as well as AV-gas or race gas and all the necessary hardware to make for a clean installation.

On pump gas the kit puts out 193 horsepower and can reach upwards of 210 horsepower with race gas. Let me state that again…bolt this kit on and you can squeeze more than 200 horsepower out of your Polaris RZR XP TURBO S for just $2,995. It’s truly amazing how far we’ve come in this industry. In addition to the turbo upgrade, BoonDocker included their Double Down exhaust, head studs for more strength and their charge tube and cold air intake.

Cognito Motorsports Trailing Arms

Cognito Motorsports Trailing Arms, along with Engine Mounts and Sway Bar Links

We did incorporate a full Cognito Motorsports factory replacement suspension package with high clearance lower control arms. Fine tuned suspension is what Cognito Motorsports is known for and because this kit is a direct factory replacement, it mates directly to the FOX live valve DYNAMIX suspension system, combining unmatched strength and durability with the most advanced shock package on the market. Cognito Motorsports upgraded the front shocks with a dual-rate spring kit and upgraded valving as well.

Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S

Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S with Cognito Motorsports replacement suspension

After our multi day adventure through the desert on the Arizona Peace Trail last year, we definitely plan on using this vehicle for some similar excursions and when you’re that far off the beaten path, protection is priority number one. To keep the underside of the RZR XP 4 TURBO S protected, we added a full Factory UTV 3/8-inch UHMW skid plate.

Factory UTV 3/8" UHMW Skid Plate

Factory UTV 3/8″ UHMW Skid Plate

One of the trips we had in mind when planning this build was our annual pilgrimage to Moab, Utah for the Rally on the Rocks. We utilized a gear reduction kit in our 2 seat Polaris RZR XP TURBO S that we tested while pre-running for King of the Hammers back in January and absolutely loved it. It provided much more control at slow speeds and reduced belt slippage (technical rock crawling can be hard on your belt). Because we plan to do a fair bit of rock crawling with this machine, this upgrade was mandatory in our mind and we can’t wait to get into the rocks to test it out in tandem with the longer wheelbase.

35-inch ITP Coyote Tires Mounted on Walker Evans Racing Legend Beadlock Wheels

35-inch ITP Coyote Tires Mounted on Walker Evans Racing Legend II Beadlock Wheels

Also to give us a little extra clearance in the rocks, we installed big 35-inch Coyote tires from ITP. The Coyote is an 8 ply rated radial tire that was designed specifically for rough, hard pack and desert terrain. We’ve been testing the Coyote tires on a variety of different machines in a number of different terrains and have been thoroughly impressed. The 35 inch tires are wrapped around Walker Evans Racing aluminum bead-locks and the whole package is turned by SuperATV’s Rhino brand 2.0 Axles.

SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axle

SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles with Cognito Motorsports Suspension and Vision X Accent Light

Inside the cab, Rugged Radios hooked us up with their intercom and radio package for pain free communication as well as a helmet air pumper system to give us clean air to breath. Communication with your passenger just makes the ride more enjoyable and between vehicles in the group is paramount on longer adventure rides.

Rugged Radios Intercom and Radio

Rugged Radios Intercom and Radio along with XTC Switches and Lowrance GPS

Also inside the cab is a 12V Power Control Module from XTC Power Products to help us seamlessly connect all of our accessories, including tying in a street legal kit (also supplied by XTC), the com system as well as LED lights and helmet air. XTC rocker switches keep the dash looking clean and make for smooth operation of all the accessories, including a host of LED lights from Vision X.

Vision X Shocker LED Light Bar

Vision X Shocker LED Light Bar

All LED light bars are not created equal and much of what you find online is subpar to say the least. We’ve utilized Vision X LEDs on a number of our builds and not only do they work well, but they are ultra durable. Incorporated into this build is the all new 12” Shocker LED Light Bar attached to the bumper, a 40” XPL Halo Lo-Pro for serious forward illumination, a 28” XPL Chaser in the rear and their new 9w XPR Rock Light Kit which adds some accent lights to the underside of the car. This is a great all-around lighting package for covering all types of terrain with confidence at night, and with the quality we have come to expect from Vision X.

Simpson Seats and Harnesses

Simpson Seats and Harnesses

Factory seats have come a long ways over the years but when you plan to sit in your vehicle for days in a row while logging hundreds of miles, a good suspension seat can enhance your experience exponentially. Simpson suspension seats are not only comfortable, but look good and keep us in place better with side bolsters. Simpson 5 point harnesses ensure we are adequately secured in place and are more comfortable for long rides.

Assault Industries Bomber Side Mirrors

Assault Industries Bomber Side Mirrors

A set of simple Sick Stick whips have us legal for dune riding, and these aren’t lighted because we figured this build was all about function. To round out the build, Assault Industries sent us a pair of their side mirrors and a fire extinguisher with mount.

Alpine UTV handled all the 12V installation as well as Boondocker turbo install and transmission gear swap. After they completed all the finishing touches, we carted the machine to a studio for some photos before breaking it in. You can be sure it won’t ever look quite this pristine again but we are chomping at the bit to get it to the dunes again then into the rocks and we’ll certainly keep you in the loop along the way!

We are always looking for new places to ride, so if you have ideas for Adventure Rides, please send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.  

Build Specifications:

  • 2019 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo S
  • Cognito Motorsports Cage
  • Cognito Motorsports Doors
  • Cognito Motorsports Tire Carrier
  • Cognito Motorsports Front and Rear Bumpers
  • Cognito Motorsports Suspension
  • Cognito Motorsports Rear Seat Cargo & Fuel Carrier
  • Cognito Motorsports Engine Mounts
  • Boondocker Dominator Turbo Upgrade
  • Boondocker Head Studs
  • Boondocker Double Down Exhaust
  • Boondocker Charge Tube and Cold Air Intake
  • Vision X LED Lighting (accent, roof, bumper and chase)
  • Factory UTV UHMW Skid Plate
  • Rugged Radios Intercom and Radio
  • Rugged Radios Helmet Air
  • Walker Evans Racing Legend II Beadlock Wheels
  • 35×15 ITP Coyote Tires
  • Simpson Seats and Harnesses
  • SuperATV Rhino 2.0 Axles
  • XTC Power Products 12V Power Control Module
  • XTC Power Products Street Legal Kit
  • XTC Power Products Rocker Switches
  • Assault Industries Side Mirrors and Fire Extinguisher
  • Sick Stick Whip Flags
  • Transmission – Lower Gears – Installed by Alpine UTV

Complete Cognito Motorsports Build Sheet:

Cage, SKU 360-90596

  • Bolt in hood bar to make removing the dash possible without lifting the cage from the chassis
  • Roof panels included and mounted with counter sunk Dzus fasteners. Roof features front/rear drip rails and tank rolled edges
  • Accepts stock doors, Cognito doors, or any other doors that can mount to stock cage
  • Under roof mounting tabs for use with 1 or 2 whips and roof rack if desired to add at any time
  • Rear occupant grab handles with grips
  • Rear view mirror
  • Foam adhesive tape to prevent rattle of roof
  • Fixtured mounting points for a variety of upper light bar mounting solutions
  • Clevis brackets on rear seat belt bar for addition of Cognito spare tire carrier at any time
  • Mounting bungs have access for hidden wire routing
  • Raw finish or black powder coated finish. Custom colors available for upcharge.
  • Shipped on steel frame skid, no extra charge for skid.

Door Kit, SKU 360-K0358

  • Stock replacement, can even be mounted on stock cage or any after market cage that accepts stock doors.
  • Full coverage door panels mounted with counter sunk Dzus fasteners.
  • Black powder coated finish.
  • Stylish lines with tank rolled top edges.
  • Light weight tubular steel frames.
  • Tether straps to limit over extending of the doors while open.
  • Uses stock door latches.
  • Foam adhesive tape to prevent rattle.
  • Mounting bars in place to easily add Cognito door bags at any time.

Spare Tire Carrier, SKU 360-90003

  • Mounts on the pivot end directly to Cognito cage clevis brackets
  • Can mount to stock cage and most other cages by adding the Cognito universal spare tire mount bar
  • Fits up to 32” tire
  • Gas strut assist to aid lifting the tire and holds it in open position for storage access
  • Sturdy rattle free mounting, durability is Baja and KOH proven
  • Includes MAC’s tie downs Y-strap
  • Low profile so rear view mirror is still useable
  • Black powder coated finish

Front Bumper, SKU 360-90607

  • Stylish sheet metal and tubing design with stainless steel accents
  • Mounting provisions for Led light bar or pods
  • Sturdy bolt on mounting so it can actually ‘bump’ things, also can be used for racing
  • Black powder coated finish

Rear Bumper, SKU 360-90011

  • Stylish tubing design
  • Mounting bungs weld to frame to provide durability if ‘bumped’, bumper bolts to mounting bungs
  • OEM muffler cover can be easily modified and used with this bumper
  • Black powder coated finish

Upper Light bar mounting kit for Vision X XPL lo pro 40” LED light bar, SKU 360-90670

  • Mounting solution specifically to mount Vision X XPL lo pro 40” LED light bar to Cognito 4 seat cage
  • Black powder coated finish

Stock Replacement Suspension Components:

  • Front upper control arm kit, SKU 360-90611
    • Performance steel alloy sheet metal design to strategically place strength since this is the shock load arm
    • Ball joint delete, converts to 7/8” uni-ball with hardened spindle pins
    • Includes bushings and crush sleeves
    • Black powder coated finish
  • Front lower control arm kit, SKU 360-90609
    • Performance steel alloy tubing design to maximize strength to weight ratio since this is only a carrier arm
    • Patent pending camber adjustment, camber tuning finer than others who use a threaded rod end
    • Ball joint delete, converts to 7/8” uni-ball with hardened spindle pins
    • Includes bushings and crush sleeves
    • Black powder coated finish
  • Tie rod kit, SKU 360-90667
    • Heavy duty, performance steel alloy adjuster with Black powder coated finish
    • 5/8” outer FK rod ends with hardened spindle pins
    • Inner joint deletes the OEM ball and socket joint, converts to 5/8” rod end with billet stainless steel rack end clevis
  • Trailing arm kit, SKU 360-90620
    • Performance steel alloy sheet metal design with a wider box than stock to control twisting under bottom out conditions
    • Provisions to mount Cognito rock guard kit to deflect rocks from funneling into the inside of the wheel
    • Black powder coated finish
  • Upper radius rod kit, SKU 360-90626
    • Lightweight yet ultra-strong made from performance steel alloy tubing
    • Adjustable in length for fine tuning camber setting via threaded rod ends and jam nuts.
    • Large 3/4” FK Rod Ends, Chromoly, both right hand thread to prevent length change if jam nut comes loose.
    • Stainless steel crush sleeve bushing spacers
    • Black powder coated finish
  • Lower radius rod kit, SKU 360-90625
    • Lightweight yet ultra-strong made from performance steel alloy tubing
    • Fixed in length for ease of installation and setup since lowers do not need to change length
    • Large 3/4” Uni-balls by FK rod ends
    • Stainless steel crush sleeve bushing spacers
    • Black powder coated finish

Billet rear sway bar end link kit, SKU 360-90691

  • Billet aluminum, black anodized finish, laser etched logo
  • 5/8” Uni-balls from FK Rod Ends, upsized from stock
  • Stainless steel mis-alignment spacers
  • Deletes OEM plastic roost guards

Billet sway bar mount kit, SKU 360-90656

  • Billet aluminum, black anodized finish, laser etched logo
  • Replaces the cast steel OEM mounts

Engine mount bar, SKU 360-90041

  • Performance steel alloy tubing
  • Replaces the OEM unit that tends to crack after abuse
  • Black powder coated finish

Billet engine mount kit, SKU 360-90410

  • Billet aluminum, black anodized finish, laser etched logo
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • 3 mounts to replace the OEM 2 front and 1 rear mounts

Rear chase light mounting kit, SKU 360-90671

  • Mounting solution specifically to mount Vision X XPL 28” or 35” LED chaser light bar to Cognito 4 seat cage
  • Black powder coated finish

Shock Tuning:

  • Front shock tuning kit, SKU 460-90681
    • More bottom out protection with no loss of comfort, more top out protection, play or race
    • Lightened steel inner bypass bodies
    • Stiffer rate negative springs
    • Piston shim kits
    • Reservoir end cap kits with Schrader valves
    • 8 oz of shock oil for top off
    • Installation available
  • Front shock spring kit, SKU 460-90636
    • Tunable dual rate setup
    • High quality coil springs
    • Crossover rings
    • Simple installation with spring compressor

Rear Seat Cargo carrier, SKU 360-90389

  • Replaces rear seats with cargo basket, requires stock seat bases and clips in like a bench seat.
  • Includes 2 MAC’s continues loop ratchet strap tie downs.
  • Black powder coated finish

Fuel Carrier, SKU 360-90390

  • Mounts to the 360-90389 cargo carrier (prerequisite)
  • Includes two 5.2 gallon fuel containers
  • Top clamp is pad lock-able
  • Black powder coated finish

Spare Axle Carrier, SKU 360-90391

  • Mounts to the 360-90389 cargo carrier (prerequisite)
  • Adjustable length so axles from 64” to 72” wide cars will fit
  • Black powder coated finish

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