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Polaris RZR Lower A-arm Stiffener Kit now available from ATR

New from All Terrain Research – These machined tubes sleeve the factory Polaris RZR rear lower A-arm tubes and strengthen it at a point where the arm receives a lot of force. Breaking the lower spindle bolt is a common problem with the way the lower coilover mount is on the back side of the arm. This causes the a-arm to want to twist with hard impacts where it can shear off the bolt head.

ATR’s bolt in sleeve strengthens the a-arm where it needs it the most and spreads the forces from the coilover more evenly across the a-arm. This should also add to the life of the outer spindle bushing.

Another nice feature ATR built in is CNC machined end pieces with rubber O-rings that close up the open tubes and keep them from getting packed with mud and dirt. Tubes and machined end pieces have a Zinc Chromate finish and come with stainless machine screws.

For more information visit ATR’s website at or call them at 903-581-0015

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