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Polaris Ranger Spring Kit Now Available

Polaris Ranger spring kit

PHOENIX, AZ, January 25th, 2023 –– The market leader in off-road suspension, Shock Therapy ( proudly announces the release of their Spring Kit for the Polaris Ranger. 

Polaris RANGER Spring Kit

Polaris RANGER Spring Kit

Polaris Ranger Spring Kit

Rigorously tested and perfected over the past few months, our incredible spring kits for the Polaris Ranger are now available and shipping!

Not only are the springs in this kit made in the USA, but they’re also made from the highest-grade CrSi material –– which while more expensive than other springs, allows for the intended spring rate to be achieved every time without fading. The spring system provides a smoother, more plush ride, with increased bottom out resistance on the biggest hits compared to stock suspension. Additionally, the system allows for a wider range of springs to be put on the shock.

The key to the design is the threaded preload adapter and preload collar, which allow for more precise and exact adjustability over a larger range so you can easily tune your ride height and stiffness to meet your needs. 

Polaris Ranger Spring Kit

Polaris RANGER Spring Kit

What to expect:

1. Smooth, more plush ride in small bumps and chatter 
2. Increased bottom-out resistance for big hits
3. Adjustable for less nose diving
4. Adjustable for less front end dive under corner braking
5. Adjustable for less body roll
6. Maximum preload adjustability for tuning ride quality and compensating for varying weight loads

Can-Am Defender & Defender Limited Spring Kit – COMING SOON!

Similar to the Spring Kit now available for the Polaris Ranger, the Can-Am Defender Spring Kit will also provide unmatched precision in adjustability and greater range of adjustability in general –– eliminating many of the limitations found on other utility vehicle spring kits. 

About Shock Therapy 

Dominating the off-road industry as the premier suspension tuning company, Shock Therapy has over 25 years of racing experience and data to build upon in order to deliver the highest quality products to their customers –– whether they’re looking for a plush ride on their weekend toy, or a race-winning setup to ride roughshod over the competition. Unlike most other suspension companies, we don’t just rebuild or re-valve shocks, we physically drive, test, research, and develop all we do to achieve the best possible system for the application. We test nearly every model of UTV on the market on our own, private, 5.5 mile test track with one thing in mind: creating the BEST ride possible with quality components.  

With our suspension expertise, one can exponentially improve their ride quality the minute they bolt a Shock Therapy product on their vehicle.

For more information, visit the company website at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube

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