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Polaris ACE Editor Viral Video Challenge

Polaris ACE is extending an invitation to your media outlet to take part in the “Editor’s Cup Viral Video Challenge.” It’s media outlet vs. media outlet, creating and promoting a video about ACE, vying for the top amount of “Likes” on YouTube.

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We decided to hit the Rubicon and beat the little ACE up in the rocks. Check out the video and please hit the “Thumbs Up” on YouTube to give us a vote.

Polaris ACE
ACE 570 on the Rubicon Trail

The Polaris ACE architecture features a revolutionary, sit-in chassis that was nimble and comfortable to operate. The design of the SPORTSMAN ACE provides a confidence-inspired ride, all while being trail-capable, offering an all-new off-road experience. Due to its innovation, and the opportunity it provides to introduce new people to off-road riding, the vehicle has received widespread support from the industry and consumers.
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Polaris ACE Editor Viral Video Challenge

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