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ODES Raider 800

ODES Raider 800

ODES Raider 800

For 2014 ODES UTVS wanted to do something different, we wanted a sport model. Our Utility Model had proven itself and it was time to do something fresh. We had so many requests over the years for a new designed sport model. People were tired of old designs on the market or just sport models that cost to much money. So we got our pencil and went to work. We thought about ease of use, looked at all the competition, thought about what we could do differently, and went to R&D. A little over a year later we were ready to start production.

Our new Raider 800 Sport is equipped with our proven 800cc motor, the same one used in all our Utility models. We also utilize the same transmission, CVT, shaft drive, and differential system as our proven utility model, the Dominator. If you are doing something right, don’t change it. We had to take it further, what did people want with their sport models that they were just not getting, unless via aftermarket routes. So we decided to add a rail system to the back cargo area to increase storage and hook holds. We added an integrated Sound System, the first of its class from an OEM side on a UTV, with USB integrated port, and in dash display. We added Dual 12v ports instead of the traditional single port. We added a true air vent in the hood to help assist air to our secondary engine cooling fan. We added 4 standard LED lights to the top bar of the UTV along with a half windshield. The unit comes stock with 26″ tires as well as 14″ Aluminum Wheels. Add up most of these standard features and the savings compared are bar none. The value is in the fact, you get more for less.

We also offer the Fastace Race Suspension. Used on our prior Pro Edition Model, these shocks were proven to give you an amazing ride. Raising the MSRP by only $1000.00 it is a great investment to your UTV.

ODES Raider 800 Specifications:


  • Brand – ODES
  • Engine Type – V-Twin Cylinder 4 Stroke EFI
  • Horse Power – 60 Horsepower
  • Max Torque – 73N.m (4000r/min)
  • Compression Ratio – 10:3:1
  • Cooling – Water Cooled – Front Mount Radiator
  • Intake/Air – Front Snorkel, Center Intake, Rear Intake
  • Top Speed – 65MPH

Transmission and Drive

  • Drive Type – Fully Automatic
  • Gears – L-H-N-R-P
  • Drive – Shaft Drive Front/Rear
  • 4×4 Capable – 2×4, 4×4, and Differential Locking Switch

Manufacturer Info:

Website: www.odesutvs.com

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