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New Turbo Kit for the Polaris RZR from Bikeman Performance

Osceola, WI (3/30/2010) – We here at BMP have developed just what you’ve been looking for. Easy bolt on performance at a lower cost, without sacrificing reliability and nearly doubling your stock horsepower! BMP Turbo Kits are second to none and are a true complete kit including full exhaust. We utilize a top of the line Garrett turbo charger which is the center of your power boost. Connected together with a ceramic coated BMP 2 into 1 header and our high flow silencer for maximum horsepower gains. The intake is routed up and through the bed for optimum flow and to keep it out of the dust. Due to the location of the turbo, low volume charge circuit, & short header length this turbo kit is one of the fastest spooling, most responsive kits on the market. That makes it great for any type of riding.
This kit will consist of 2 stages depending what you’re looking to gain.
Stage I will come with the following:
Turbo Charger, BMP Full Turbo Exhaust, BMP Intake Kit, Turbo Adjustable Fuel Controller, All hoses & Fittings, Charge Tube & Boots, Boost Gauge
Stage 1 is capable of boosting 10psi max. However 6-7psi is your limit for pump gas(at low elevation). At 7lbs you nearly double your stock HP! Normally this kit is run without an intercooler. At 7psi, intercooler gains (charge temps) are not as noticeable as they are in higher boost pressures. That is a big plus for those just wanting a reliable pump gas setup because it costs you less money, and keeps the weight down.
Stage II will have all of stage one plus an auxiliary injector. On some models (mostly ’09-later) you may need to purchase a different throttle body. We also upgrade your fuel control box to meet the demands of bigger boost. That will allow you to run higher octane gas and start pumping out the PSI! This kit is capable of 20psi but most will run 10-12 on a daily basis. Optional intercooler kit is recommended for optimum performance on stage II.
All of this is nicely packaged and mounted rock solid under the box to make sure no terrain or hangtime will damage your system. BMP Turbo Clutch Kits & air/fuel ratio gauges are sold separately.

Upgrade Options
Turbo Clutch kit (for 2008 RZR or All RZR S Model stock clutches): $325.00
Turbo Clutch Kit (For 2009+RZR without Team Roller Secondary): $549.95
Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge: $315.00
Air/Fuel Gauge + Turbo Clutch Kit: $615.00
Stage II: $300
Intercooler Kit: $475.00
Complete Billet Overdrive Clutch Kit (70+mph!!): $1649.95

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