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With a marked increase in the theft of ATV’s and LSV’s on trailers, the Trailer Trap is a totally new concept of stationary anti-theft device that easily provides up to four layers of protection. The Trailer Trap anchors to an existing concrete, asphalt or dirt pad, and folds down allowing the trailer or tow vehicle to pass over it. It pivots and locks upright and the trailer coupler is secured and locked to an integral trailer ball. A thick steel wrap-around shield pivots completely over the coupler and is secured in place with two restricted access stainless locks. The safety chains are padlocked to the ¼” thick eye ring for added protection. Completely immobilizing any trailer takes less than a minute and virtually eliminates thefts of opportunity.

When the Trailer Trap is installed so the end of the trailer is up against something as shown, it eliminates the thief’s ability to roll it off and steal it as well. Also available as a portable unit with a 24” square steel base for weekend and race use, the high quality, heavy duty powder coated Trailer Trap is 100% American made from laser cut steel and works with almost all types of trailers.

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