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New Revolutionary M2R Quick Pack Exhaust Systems from Two Brothers Racing

Orange County, Ca – December 2009
Two Brothers Racing® (TBR)
announced today that the final development has been completed on their all new, high performance off-road muffler system: the M2R Exhaust Canister.

Initially to be offered to motocross and off-road riders, where repacking is essential for sound and performance considerations, TBR’s M2R muffler is the first to combine Absolute Top Level® performance with Ridiculously Easy Maintenance™. Silencer re-packing can now be completed in minutes, without removing the exhaust from the bike and without having to drill out and replace pop-rivets. An industry first!

“With the M2R system, riders can easily restore their mufflers to peak performance in minutes with simple tools and zero frustration.” -Jeff Whitten, V.P.

Two Brothers’ Vice President, Jeff Whitten, has been spearheading the M2R project which has been a collaborative effort of the entire TBR management staff for over a year.

“The M2R muffler system is very exciting. With it, racers and weekend warriors alike can easily ensure their Two Brothers Racing exhaust systems are performing at the top level,” Whitten said. “The lifeblood of an efficient exhaust system is the packing. Once the packing has maxed out its lifespan, performance goes down drastically along with sound quality and muffler durability. With the M2R system, riders can easily restore their mufflers to peak performance in minutes with simple tools and zero frustration.”

Two Brothers’ M2R is the byproduct of their strategic efforts for off-road exhaust. Once an industry plagued by difficult muffler maintenance, now riders—regardless of their mechanical ability—can tackle a muffler re-pack job simply and quickly. Joel Albrecht, TBR’s Director of Research and Development says it will encourage more riders to re-pack which is a good thing for the sport.

Albrecht says: “In the ‘things-we-despise doing’ bike maintenance list, I will go so far as to say that re-packing an old muffler easily lands on top, out ranking cleaning air filters and changing tires. Most mufflers require tearing apart an exhaust canister, stuffing loose or ‘pillowed’ packing in and bolting or riveting it all back together. It’s a frustrating and messy process. With the M2R system, everything is simple. Our new packing is even shaped like the canister so it slides right in. Now, there’s no reason not to be riding at your top level!”

Two Brother’s secret is in the M2R’s modular system. All muffler re-packing is done from the end of the canister with the muffler on the bike. Behind the familiar TBR Magnesium end cap and under the unique p-series power tip is a proprietary core lock-down system that holds the outer end cap, muffler core and packing in place. Easily removed with the included tool, the spent packing slides out and a new, press-formed packing kit slides right in.

The Two Brothers Racing’s exciting new M2R system is available right now now for most major motocross and off-road machines. The first production run will be limited to 500 units and will be numbered accordingly, i.e. 1/500, 2/500 etc. Each system is built in the USA to exacting TBR standards of unmatched material and construction quality. All M2R systems seamlessly incorporate the exclusive V.A.L.E.™ attachment system. Each system is hand built in the USA.

M2R Product Benefits::
» Preformed replacement packing core cartridge
» On-bike replacement
» Race dB requirements easy to meet and maintain
» Hard anodized components
» Included tool
» New TBR Logo badge
» 100% Made In The USA

Learn more about Two Brothers Racing by visiting your local TBR dealer, going online at or by calling the TBR experts at 800-211-2767.

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