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New QUIKFILL 11 Gallon Dump Jug from PU-Products

PU-Products LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of the 11 gallon dump jug, the QUIKFILL, for on and off road racing applications as well as boat racers. The QUIKFILL jug is made in America.
The PU-Products QUIKFILL jug is made of # 2 HDPE plastic and is safe for all types of fuels, oils and long term storage of drinking water. The jug is 3 feet tall and 12 inches square. It features a full length breathing tube for fast transfer of liquids. A billet aluminum vent cap is included.

A one inch diameter by fourteen inch long hose mounted on a billet aluminum cap is available as option.

The QUIKFILL jug is designed to empty 11 gallons of liquid in less than one minute when equipped with an oversized hose.The QUIKFILL jug was marketed by another company, and has not been available for over a year. PU-Products is adding the QUIKFILL jug to their already extensive line of five gallon jugs and jug holding accessories for trucks, trailers and off road vehicles.

While not sanctioned by NASCAR, the QUIKFILL jug is used extensively by off road racers and off speed boat racers across the country. The square design makes them difficult to tip over. A variety of holders are available to keep them secure in vehicles, trailers and boats, including the PU-Products Baja Rax, which will secure one of two jugs in a variety of locations.

The PU-Products QUIKFILL jug is also safe for drinking water, due to the fact that # 2 HDPE plastic is the same material used in plastic milk containers. The QUIKFILL jugs may be used for emergency water storage, leaving the water fresh tasting after extended periods.

PU-Products,LLC is committed to manufacturing and marketing the finest quality products available and the QUIKFILL jug is a long overdue and welcome addition to our product lines.


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