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New Product: RZ Industries M2 Mesh Air Filtration Mask

 CHASKA, Minn. (July 23, 2015) — RZ Industries, the leader in personal dust protection for motorcycle, UTV and ATV use, is proud to introduce the lightweight, high-flow M2 Mesh Air Filtration Mask.   


This patent-pending piece of technical headwear captures dust, allergens and other hazardous airborne elements in all conditions with an active carbon HEPA filter, allowing riders, drivers and passengers to breathe safe and easy.


Dramatically changing the breathing experience on off-road group rides, in urban environments, on the open road and during allergy season, the innovative personal air cleaner’s durable, abrasion-resistant nylon mesh construction provides max airflow when the heat is on. 


A form-fitting, streamlined shape ensures that it easily fits underneath helmets. Wide elastic side straps offer 3 inches of adjustability for a secure, comfortable fit. A tension-adjustable, riveted nosepiece helps keep the mask firmly in place.


Exhaust valves on the left and right effectively expel moisture, keeping the M2’s interior dry, goggles fog-free and glasses clear.


The M2’s F1 HEPA filter captures particulates and fumes with a 3-ply construction by sandwiching activated charcoal between filter material. The high-tech filter is secured by a twist seal that locks it in place. It lasts up to 8 hours in prolonged dust exposure. Replacement filters come in convenient 3-packs. 


RZ Industries’ Mesh Mask is available in black or gray in three sizes: Youth (up to 125 lbs.); Regular (125 lbs. to 225 lbs.) and XL (more than 225 lbs.). Every RZ Industries product is backed by a 30-day performance guarantee.


While they’ve been proven in extreme on- and off-road conditions, RZ’s masks also provide particulate protection for use in airbrushing, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, construction and any other activity or job that requires personal air purification to handle blinding conditions or choking hazards and promote long-term health.


“The M2 Mesh Mask is an ideal solution to every industry and hobby,” said RZ Industries Creative Director, Blake Dungey. “It is important for us to continue providing top-of-the-line air-filtration masks for enthusiasts and workers. From dusty deserts to downtown diesel clouds, we have the answer.” 


Established in 2009 and based in Chaska, Minnesota, RZ Industries was founded by a powersports enthusiast looking to protect his family from the dust, allergens and exhaust fumes encountered when riding off-road motorcycles. The company’s masks and filters are now available in more than 3000 American powersports dealerships and around the world in 35 countries.


For more information on RZ Industries’ innovative product line, please visit, call 888-777-9422, visit its active Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter feed.



Defining Features

  1. Lightweight, high-flow air-filtration mask
  2. Provides max airflow in warm weather 
  3. Perfect for dusty group rides, urban environments, the open road and allergy season
  4. Captures dust, allergens and other hazardous airborne elements
  5. Patent-pending design made from durable, abrasion-resistant material
  6. Wide elastic side straps offer 3 inches of adjustability
  7. Tension-adjustable, riveted nosepiece
  8. Form-fitting, streamlined shape easily fits underneath helmets
  9. F1 HEPA filter lasts up to 8 hours in prolonged dust exposure
  10. 3-ply construction: Filter material sandwiches a layer of activated charcoal
  11. Filter locks in position with a counter-clockwise twist
  12. One-way exhaust valves expel moisture to promote fog-free goggles and clear glasses
  13. Replacement filters available in 3-packs for $12.95
  14. Proven in powersports, the masks also provide personal particulate protection for use in airbrushing, skiing, snowboarding, hunting, construction and more
  15. Sizes: Youth (up to 125 lbs.), Regular (125 lbs. to 225 lbs.) and XL (more than 225 lbs.)
  16. Warranty: 30-day performance guarantee

Retail price: $34.95


RZ Industries

Founded: 2009


Facebook Page:

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Sales & Customer Service Phone Number: 888-777-9422

Sales & Customer Service email Address:  

Mailing Address: 1580 White Oak Drive, Chaska, MN 55318 


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