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New PRO MX Oils from LAT

LAT, the oil source for NHRA, NASCAR, SCORE, ADRL, IHBA, and other forms of professional motorsports racing around the world, has developed a line of hi-tech 100% synthetic and petroleum based engine oils specifically formulated to address the tortuous conditions endured by 4-stroke MX racing machines. LAT 4THP synthetic MX PRO SERIES are highly advanced blends for motorcycle engines that run at high rpm. Under sever shock loads for sustained periods. These unique custom blends combine the highest grade group IV and V base oils treated with LAT extreme pressure additive, LFR. They offer superior sustained protection at high RPM, high flash point, and extraordinary wear and thermal breakdown protection for maximum horsepower and torque. Independent tests have shown LAT to provide significant increases in horsepower and torque while reducing running temperatures and optimizing ring seal and valve train protection.

Available in 100% synthetic 5W 30 & 20W 50 LAT MX PRO, and 20W 50 petroleum based, these superior grade oils are race proven to provide high sheer and shock protection, reduce friction, substantially reduce wear, and enhance overall engine performance.

For complete details contact LAT direct at 888-528-6457 or catch them on the Web at

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