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New Polaris RZR/S M7 Triple Full Exhaust System by Two Brothers Racing

Orange County, Ca – November 2009

Two Brothers Racing® (TBR) releases world exclusive Triple-Pipe Full Exhaust System for the 2010 Polaris Ranger RZR/S. When product engineers at Two Brothers Racing got their hands on the 2010 Polaris Ranger RZR/S they couldn’t resist building an innovative triple exhaust system which is an industry first!

“We knew right away that this was going to be the first production triple exhaust available in the ATV/UTV market”, said Joel Albrecht, Director of Research and Development for Two Brothers Racing. “In fact, we’ve been thinking about this system since the RZR came out years ago. With the bodywork, this ride is just begging for a triple exhaust system a dual doesn’t do it justice!”

With the Ranger RZR’s compact chassis, building a triple exhaust system wasn’t easy. Thankfully, Two Brothers Racing’s history of designing compact, powerful and strong motorcycle road racing exhaust systems made development possible and the all-new 2 into 3 system was born.

The sound produced by this unique triple-muffler system is amazing. While looking like a natural on the rear of the RZR/S, the three mufflers contribute toward a much more subdued exhaust note. And at the same time adds 5.9 more horsepower over stock.

As with all of TBR’s exhaust systems, the new Ranger RZR/S triple is manufactured out of the finest-quality materials by the most advanced techniques, all in-house at the Two Brothers Racing Orange County, California facilities.

Customization is always an option with Two Bros’ in-house custom shop offering customers the chance to personalize muffler badges with names, racing numbers, mottos, etc. The possibilities are endless.

New Product Highlights::RZR/S Triple Exhaust System

  • Only triple exhaust system in the world for Ranger RZR/S
  • Unique triple-muffler sound and style
  • Boost power across the rpm range
  • Add torque and improve throttle reponse
  • Made in the USA!

Learn more about Two Brothers Racing by visiting your local TBR dealer, going online at or by calling the TBR experts at 800-211-2767.

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