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New Polaris RZR Side Panels available from TMW Off-Road

TMW OFF-ROAD is proud to announce the release of the EX2 Side Panels for the Polaris RZR. These new side panels offer a new, cleaner look than most RZR side panels on the market today. We spent a lot of time with the RZR trying keep with the factory lines. The EX2 side panels make it easy to carry your paint scheme from the front of the Razor to the rear, helping you tie it all together. The EX2 RZR side panels has a rigid frame made from .095 Mild Steel. The frame of the side panel will hook to the frame of any RZR with a stock cage or aftermarket cage. The panels are made of .065 aluminum that is cut, bead-rolled and hand-formed to fit the RZR perfect. The EX2 side panels eliminate all rattling that you get when using a side door the opens and closes.
We now offer a color matched painted side panel for the Polaris RZR-S. The price for the raw side panels is $799.00 (per set). The color matched RZR-S side panels are $1299.00 (per set).
TMW Off-Road is located in Mesa, AZ and can be reached by phone at (480) 969 9261 or on the web at:

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