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New High Lifter CV Axles Built Tough

Looking for an axle tougher than stock axles and cost less, the High Lifter CV Axle is the right choice. The High Lifter CV Axle is built for strength and durability with TPEE boots resistant to tearing.

Product features include:

  • Made with Chromoly Steel
  • 20% Increase in Axle Diameter
  • 15% Increase in CV Joint Size
  • Double Plunging High Angle Axle Up to 40 Degrees
  • Internal CV joint components are precision machined and have induction heat treated bearing, CV Cage and Races to reduce friction and increase CV joint strength and durability.
  • Molybdenum Grease used
  • Durable TPEE CV Joint Boots resistant to tearing and abrasion. TPEE provides outstanding strength, stiffness and overall durability.
More Information: High Lifter CV Axles

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