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NEW External Cooling System from FOX Racing Shox

External Cooling System from FOX Racing Shox

FOX has just released the “ECS” External Cooling System as an option on all new and existing FOX bypass shocks. The ECS is our latest development to come out of the Race Application Development program (RAD) that works with top motorsports athletes to devise and develop new technologies under the most extreme racing conditions.

The ECS cooling system, code name “cactus cooler”, effectively drops fluid temperatures up to 100 degrees. The ECS does not use any pumps or fans; it uses the normal motion of the shock piston as it cycles up and down to pump the fluid through fully adjustable, bypass check valves into a billet aluminum and stainless steel heat sink. After excessive heat is allowed to escape, the cooled fluid continues back to the shock completing the cycle. The faster the shock works, the more fluid is pumped through the cooling system.
The cactus cooler helped Trophy Truck Champion Jesse Jones put a ten minute lead on the rest of the field right off the start in this year’s SCORE, San Felipe 250 race. San Felipe is recognized as one of the most brutal race courses in existence due to the deep sand and relentless three to four foot deep whoops that stretch on for miles. The ECS system allowed Jones to stay on the gas where others had to back off in order to save their shocks. If not for getting stuck in the infamous Matomi wash Jones would have held a comfortable lead into the finish. As it was FOX racer and multi-time champion in his own right Rob MacCachren went on to take the win that day.

Regardless if you are in the heat of competition or pushing the limits for pure fun the extra cooling capacity of the ECS system will allow you nonstop performance. You’ll be able to outrun or outdistance anything in your path.

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About Fox Racing Shox
For 35 years, FOX has been the industry leader in the design and development of high performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products for snowmobiles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs and off-road cars and trucks.

In 1974, Bob Fox started racing his products in motocross and we haven’t stopped racing since. FOX equipped vehicles and racers have stood atop podiums in every sport we have competed in; from the sands of Baja to the dunes of Dakar. Our team of engineers perform rigorous tests with our athletes year round. The data we collect from performance testing and our application of that knowledge to our product is what separates FOX from every other suspension company.

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