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New Crew Chief Communications Kits from Rugged Radios

Crew Chief Headset and Vertex VX230 UHF Radio XL

Crew Chief Headset and Vertex VX230 UHF Radio XL

The Crew Chief XL package combines Rugged Radios behind the head headset with a VX230 2-way UHF radio and coiled headset cable.

The built in PTT (Push-to-talk) button on the headset ear dome makes transmission easy and reliable. With the external antenna attached to the headset your range and clarity will be noticed by the driver and other crew members. This crew kit provides clear and powerful communications to connect the crew chief and driver.

Kit Includes:

  • Rugged BTH Headset
  • CC-VERT-B headset cable
  • Vertex VX230 UHF Radio
  • Billet headset antenna mount
  • UHF ducky-XL antenna
  • BNC bulk head & BNC connector cable
  • BNC adapter for Vertex handheld radio.

Applications: Ideally configured for crew, trainer, and spotter operations where track environment provides constant line of sight, and is relatively unaffected by longer track conditions, obstructions or structures, etc…

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