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Being different means you’re truly unique. Customizing is part of the off-road lifestyle, whether it’s out of necessity or a desire to tailor a vehicle to better fit your needs and the experiences you seek. The Can-Am Parts, Accessories and Clothing (PAC) product development excels at matching its accessory offerings with our off-road vehicles. The accessories are designed to enhance your various adventures and your daily life off- road. These accessories are also developed simultaneously with the Can-Am vehicles to ensure an authentic and unrivaled fitment, design and functionality. The late 2020 lineup, complete with the comfort-king Defender Limited family and the chore-happy Defender PRO packages, arrive with dozens of brand-new accessories to highlight their unmatchable designs and capabilities. These new accessories, which include genuine Can-Am components and co-branded items with partnering companies, also enhance the functionality of the sporty and recreational-driven products within the family.

There are more than 60 new Defender accessories for 2020 alone, including nearly three dozen new offerings. From convenience items to entertainment systems to the exclusive Can-Am LinQ system-compatible equipment, the new line of adaptable accessories was designed with you in mind.


The 2020 Defender accessories have grown again this fall to include even more items to add convenience, enhance operation and provide versatility to match ever-changing off-road lifestyles.

Can-Am Defender Bumper

Can-Am Defender Rancher Front Bumper

Rancher Front Bumper – #715005410

An all-new 2020 design gives the Can-Am Rancher Front Bumper the same tough & rugged look, but also increases ground clearance; improving trail riding performance. The bumper also was restructured to fit the 2020 Defender vehicles’ new front fascia. MSRP: $499.99 USD

Defender PRO & MAX Rock Sliders – #715006721

Available for both the Rotax HD10-powered Defender PRO and MAX vehicles, the Rock Sliders are designed to protect the sides and undercarriage of these utility vehicles without hampering ground clearance. The heavy-duty bolt-on protection is made from 1.5-in. (3.8 cm) powder coated steel tubing and are coated with both inside and out with a special anti-corrosion coating for long-lasting use. They include an integrated step and are sold in pairs. MSRP: $579.99 USD

Defender PRO Fender Flares – #715006001

Made specifically for the Defender PRO vehicles, Fender Flares add another layer of protection by diminishing the amount of mud, water and debris that enters the vehicle’s cab. The kit includes black front and rear extensions, made from durable injection-molded polypropylene, and mounting hardware. They are also designed to work with the Apache track kits from Can-Am. MRSP: $259.99 USD


2020 Defender PRO DPS HD10 shown with Can-Am accessories.

The Defender PRO vehicles have a massive 6-ft. x 4.5-ft. (180.3 cm x 138.4 cm) bed that is built to last, haul up to 1,000-lbs. (454 kg) and also transform to a flatbed in seconds when the sides and tailgate are removed. However, it’s also a blank canvas for you to customize. Think of it as a roving workspace or a resource-and- supply terminal on wheels. Many components increase the vehicle’s storage with organized and water-tight offerings while others enhance convenience and bed space. With the ability to install up to 10 LinQ-ready bases (16-in.) in the Defender PRO bed, you can quickly and securely setup different cargo configurations to fit your needs for both work and adventure.

Two of the most popular Defender family accessories have been adapted to the Defender 6×6 and new Defender PRO vehicles. The other accessory is an innovative solution to cargo hauling and a first from an OEM to the side-by-side vehicle market.

Can-Am Defender Hanging Storage Box Kit

Can-Am Defender Hanging Storage Box Kit

Hanging Storage Box Kit – #715005449

The new Can-Am hanging Storage Box Kit, an industry first, includes a branded storage crate and a rack, to let you quickly haul cargo, and switch from one task to the other. The rack accommodates most standard storage boxes and can be installed in up to 12 possible positions. The strong and reliable rack installs on the inside or the outside of the Defender bed wall, allowing you to match your cargo needs to the job or activity. MSRP: $134.99 USD

Can-Am Defender Cargo Rack

Can-Am Defender Cargo Rack

LinQ Cargo Rack – #715006140

Adding another level to the cargo-hauling potential of the new Defender PRO vehicles, the robust steel, powder- coated Cargo Rack attaches (tool-less) via the industry-exclusive Can-Am LinQ System. Designers added multiple tie-down and bungee cord anchor points for the adaptable transport of freight. Also, the rack allows for further LinQ accessory attachments and can accommodate 5-Gal. (19 L) buckets, adding to its usefulness. More than one rack can be used at a time to allow for creative bed and load carrying options. MRSP: $319.99 USD

Can-Am Defender Bed Accessories

Can-Am Defender LinQ Tailgate Extension/Divider

LinQ Tailgate Extension/Divider – #715005412

For those who need even more bed space to accomplish a task, we’ve created the LinQ Tailgate Extension/ Divider. When the tailgate is open, the extension—mounted to the top of the cargo bed walls—can flip open to expand the bed space. Made from steel tubing, the barrier can be mounted to serve as a cargo divider at different locations along the bed or used as a temporary tailgate extension to prevent larger items from falling off the back. It’s also an ideal headache rack when mounted near the front of the bed upside down. Like all Can-Am accessories, it’s powder coated and has interior and exterior anti-corrosion coating for added durability. MSRP: $249.99 USD

Defender PRO Side Wind Deflectors – #715005081

The three-position, adjustable clear polycarbonate deflectors mount on each side of the vehicle cage to enhance wind flow. Outside deflection reduces cabin air flow and turbulence. Inside deflection increases air circulation within the cab. Windshield ventilation can be used to reduce fog. Sold in pairs. Not compatible with full doors. MSRP: $179.99 USD

Can-Am Defender ProVent Windshield

Can-Am Defender ProVent Windshield

ProVent Accessories

A brand-new line of Can-Am ProVent accessories were designed to retain rider protection while also offering optimal airflow to riders. The ProVent lineup, introduced to bring new levels of comfort to the cabin of Can- Am side-by-side vehicles, consists a vented windshield and the ProVent Roof Module. When combined with the new side Wind Deflectors, the ProVent accessories revolutionize the ability to circulate airflow inside side-by-side vehicle cabs.

Can-Am Defender ProVent Windshield

Can-Am Defender ProVent Windshield

The ProVent windshields have 2 different types of vents available. The lower vent–the Defender windshield includes two vents—circulates air to the inside of the windshield to prevent fogging. The upper vent is responsible for delivering air to the rider and passenger(s). Integrated external prefilters inhibit dust and the elements from entering the cab area. Riders have the ability to adjust the venting to control the quantity of air coming inside the cab. (#715005210 – Maverick Trail & Sport, #715005277 – Maverick X3, #715005276 – Defender)

The ProVent Roof Module (#715005279), a patent-pending industry-first design presented by Can-Am, distributes air to the vehicle’s cabin while also filtering out water and elements. The module’s interior has four vents to allow riders to control the amount and direction of the incoming air. An extra plug for colder weather riding lets users seal the module to maintain cabin heat.

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