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NC Motorsports Association – Off-Road Business Association Form Alliance

Concord, NC – Wednesday April 28, 2010

The North Carolina Motorsports Association (NCMA) and the Off Road Business Association (ORBA) announced today they have developed a working alliance. The two organizations will look for ways to work together on joint issues and networking of their memberships. The NCMA is the voice for the 6-billion dollar North Carolina Motorsports Industry, where nearly 90% of all NASCAR Teams are based and over 27,000 motorsports related jobs exists. ORBA, also a non-profit, is a National Trade Association composed of off-road related businesses united to promote common goals that support the prosperity and growth of the off-road industry. By forming an alliance both groups hope to further a similar mission.

“Motorsports is a massive industry in the United States. There are thousands of small to medium sized businesses that are supported by the activity of motorsports participants,” said Shawn Stewart, Membership Director of the NCMA. “Tracks, teams, and recreationalists contribute billions of dollars each year and provide thousands upon thousands of jobs across the nation in various forms of motorsports. By forming an alliance with ORBA we gain a further reach in telling the motorsports industry story.”

Fred Wiley President and CEO of ORBA recognized an immediate benefit to both organizations by connecting. “I was contacted by the NCMA and we immediately were on common ground. It just makes sense that we work together,” said Wiley. “We can be a gateway to the off-road industry for them and they can be a gateway into stock car racing and other forms of racing for us. There are many issues that are common to all motorsports enthusiasts and we are stronger by joining together. We look forward to growing and developing our new found relationship with the NCMA.”

About the NCMA:

The North Carolina Motorsports Association (NCMA) is a trade association representing the $6 Billion dollar motorsports economy and over 27,000 jobs in the state of North Carolina.

As a membership organization the NCMA:

  • Advocates on a local, state, and national level for the interests of the motorsports Industry.
  • Hosts Industry-focused networking events.
  • Conducts Workforce Development initiatives.
  • Engages in Youth Outreach and educational programs.
  • Works as a Clearinghouse for motorsports industry resources and information.
  • Provides Consulting and advocacy for tracks, teams, businesses, and educational institutions.

About ORBA:

The Off-Road Business Association, Inc. (ORBA) is a professional trade association composed of off-road related businesses united to promote common goals that support the prosperity and growth of the off-road industry. ORBA makes decisions and takes actions that maintain and expand off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities. ORBA works closely with its partner organizations on local, state and federal issues that have potential impacts to the off-road industry. We are dedicated to making it possible for the OHV industry to have a voice in land use issues.
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