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MSA Wheels proudly releases the all-new M23 Battle in an industry first 18 inch size

M23 Battle UTV WHeel
MSA Wheels has always been known to push a few envelopes in wheel design, paint colors and finishes, but they dropped a bomb today, releasing the first 18” wheel specifically engineered for UTVs. The M23 Battle was designed from the ground up to deliver high styling and performance, while shaving off pounds as lightweight 18” option. The M23 Battle comes in a flat black paint finish featuring 12 gloss black window rivets and a counter sunk “MSA” in one of the four lightweight spokes. The M23 Battle is available in the following sizes and offsets with fitments for all makes and models of ATVs and UTVs:
  • 12×7 +15mm (4+3)
  • 14×7 +10mm (4+3)
  • 14×10 +0mm (5+5)
  • 14×7 +30mm (5+2)
  • 18×7 +10mm (4+3)
Details are still being revealed, however at this point it looks like a February 2014 availability date for the 18×7” M23 Battle and they plan to release a 32x10x18 tire option to match!! Each M23 Battle wheel comes stock with a bolt-in flat black cap with chrome star and is backed by a full lifetime structural warranty. You bend it, break it or crack it, MSA Wheels replaces it. For more information on the M23 Battle UTV wheel, contact MSA Wheels at (800)734.4890 or visit their website at

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