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MotoMax All-Terrain ATV/UTV Tires Now Available

EFX takes their tire development serious.  What you may not realize is that each and every new tire that is engineered by EFX goes through a strenuous testing phase where the tire is beaten up, pushed and prodded in the back country of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to ensure that by the time is hits your quad, you are riding on a field tested, proven tire that will not let you down.  The MotoMax is no exception to this rule and is available now!

The MotoMax tire’s wide contact patch gives you just the right amount of traction in any terrain as well as a unique tribal sidewall design.  The MotoMax’s lightweight bias 6-ply construction balances weight loss for increased acceleration and performance when and where you need it most, your contact points. Smooth riding, rim protection, great looking and superb durability, the MotoMax is a great weapon for any battle in the great outdoors.

EFX MotoMax Sizes

  • 26x10x12
  • 26x12x12
  • 27x10x12
  • 27x12x12
  • 27x10x14
  • 27x12x14

The EFX MotoMax and the rest of the EFX Performance Tire collection is online at
For the dealer nearest you call toll free (800)734-4890.

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