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Mitch Guthrie Jr. Wins at WORCS round 3

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr. 
The month of February was nothing short of spectacular for Guthrie Racing. 4 weekends, 4 races, 1800 miles on the road, 2 1st place finishes and a 2nd. The ultimate off road race “KOH” kicked the month off, 5 days spent in a desolate location in Southern California pushing their bodies and machines to the limits just to be crowned King. Prep, Practice, Experience all play a huge role but the biggest factor is equipment. Guthrie Racing partners with the best in the business. After locking down a win at KOH the boys headed to Vegas for round 2 of the WORCS series. Mitch Jr secured a 2nd place finish and headed home right after to finish up his new race car they would debut at UTV World Championship in Laughlin on the 20th. Unfortunately new car blues struck and Mitch Jr would not get to show everyone the potential of the new machine. The team headed home for a few days to prep for WORCS round 3 the following weekend. Mitch would have a chance to put his new race car on the podium.

Laughlin NV has hosted some of the best off road races in history. On February 20th 2015 a new chapter was written. 125 of the best UTV racers in the world arrived in Laughlin NV to battle for a massive purse of over $100000 in cash and prizes. The format was simple. 1 day, 2 races for all the money. The first race of the day was around the historic 17 mile Laughlin loop. This is a desert loop and the racers would do 10 laps around before taking the checkers. The second race was a modified desert loop 6 miles in length. 15 cars wide, land rush start, crazy dust, door to door action, helicopters, TV cameras, media all over the track and a hill side packed with fans. To say this race didn’t leave its mark would be insane.

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr.  at UTV World Championship in Laughlin NV

Pulling the new car into at UTVWC Mitch was over whelmed. So much work had gone into this new build. So many cutting edge ideas and parts. On the line was a new Polaris RZR and a slew of cash. Winning with a new car in the largest UTV race in the would be the greatest racing achievement yet.

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr. airing the rollers at 60mph.

The green flag dropped and right away he did not have full power. Pedal to the floor at the machine is only at 60%. The seasoned pro Mitch is he kept cool and ran the car as fast as it would go. He pushed through all 10 laps and pulled of a 7th place finish out of 62 cars. This is not a bad day at all.

Canyon MX in Peoria has been the scene of many mud races and the forecast for this race looked like it was going to be another. It poured the days leading up to race day. 80% chance of rain and nasty looking clouds covered the sky. But mother nature gave us a pass for the day. The rain days earlier made the track conditions perfect.

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr.  getting the hole shot in his row.

A flat out drag race to first turn and Mitch pulled the hole shot. Dust was not really an issue with this race because of all the rain the past few days. Mitch looks very comfortable in the new Nelson & Nelson built RZR. Through his first lap he made up some time on the front row.
Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr. testing his Walker Evans Shocks in one of the many high speed g-outs.

By lap 3 Mitch was in the lead on time but there was not time to relax. He pushed his RZR harder lap by trying to build a cushion. Late in the race attrition started to weed out the field. He was in a battle for first with a guy that was physically in front of him but behind him on time. When the checkered flag dropped Mitch was 3rd across the line but was 24 seconds ahead on corrected time. Mitch is heading into round 4 in Lake Havasu 3rd in points for the series and on track for a great season.

Mitch Guthrie Jr.
Mitch Guthrie Jr.  sailing his car over the huge step down.

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