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MDR California 200 Memorial Located at Slash-X Ranch Café

MESA, AZ – AUGUST 16, 2011: The MDR California 200 Memorial has been permanently located at the Slash-X Ranch Café at 28040 Barstow Road (Hwy 247) in Stoddard Valley, 8 miles south of Barstow, CA for all to visit for years to come. The dedication on Saturday August 13, 2011, one day less than a year after the accident that changed so many lives in the offroad community, was built around the true spirit of life. “The whole concept is meaningful: a figure 8 with the Ribbon Memorial sitting at the very top. Eight trees dedicated to those lost surround it, with 22 lights going up the walkway and 22 shrubs planted to represent the injured,” said Lucas Hand, project leader for FAST-Aid.

Chaplain Steve Hanson from Racers for Christ gave the dedication, “This memorial, no matter how beautiful, doesn’t bring your loved one back, but I ask you to look at it to try and find the element that it has that reminds you of the love one you lost. Maybe it is the pure Strength, let that remind you of the strength of your friend, the strength that you saw in that person. Maybe it is the Beauty, the overall beauty of it, you can remember how beautiful they were to you weather it was their smile, their personality or the way they were or treated you. Maybe it is the Glow, come out at night and see it glowing under the lights and it reminds you of the glow in the eye of the loved one that you saw. Remember That. Hold onto these memories and don’t let go of them. Maybe it is Time. If you look at this memorial you will see lots of time. If you see this memorial was tig welded, that takes serious time. Time can represent time you spent with your child, with your loved one, cherish that time, no one can take that away from you. If you do those things and remember this memorial in this way, it will start the healing process, it can bring healing to you.” The complete dedication can be watched at

Slash-X Ranch Café owner Brian Lynn graciously offered a piece of property to put this memorial. In a most unfortunate turn of events, Brian was killed in an auto accident three days before the dedication. The Lynn family was added to the prayers of all at the event.

FAST-Aid would like to thank Green Army and CLS Landscaping for donating the 8 Trees, Ahern Rentals for donating the equipment, Worthing General Services in Santa Ana for donating Labor and Materials, and all the volunteers that have spent time on the ground working. The Memorial was originated by Dana Dague, designed by Scott Freeman, built by Craig Hall of R&I Industries and was mounted in concrete by Ted Cordts. The initial unveiling ceremony took place Saturday October 9, 2010 at 11am during the 2010 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo in Pomona, CA.

FAST-Aid would like to thank all the companies and individuals that donated goods for the raffle and silent auction. Agave Resort, Azunia Tequila, Baja Designs, Baja Junkies, Black Rock Wheels, Blais Racing, Desert Logistics, Falken Tire, General Tire, Harley Letner, Icon Vehicle Dynamics, Indio Dune Buggy, ITP Tires, Kartek, Kevin Kilpatrick, McKenzie’s, Palapaboy Racing, PCI Race Radios, Poison Spyder, Poly Performance, RADesigns, RB Components, Race-Dezert, Rick D. Johnson, Rick L. Johnson, Rigid Industries, Rock & Roll Offroad, SoCal SuperTrucks, Storm Longboards, T-Rex Grilles, Xtorm 4×4

About FAST-Aid – FAST-Aid has been helping the off road racing community since April 2009 and has been called to assist in many different circumstances. The board consists of eight racers, crew members, community and industry supporters. FAST-Aid a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of supplying financial and emotional assistance to off-roaders injured at racing events.

FAST-Aid is preparing CPR/First Aid class dates for 2011 and a long-term future dedicated to providing financial, educational and personal assistance to injured racers, media and pit crews. FAST-Aid is a non-profit that accepts donations of any size at any time, not just in response to a specific event. Tax Deduction receipts are available.

Slash X Ranch Cafe is located in Stoddard Valley 8 miles south of Barstow, on Hwy 247, it is surrounded by 58,000 acres, and approximately 25 square miles of OHV (off road vehicle use) set aside by the BLM. On any weekend you will find hundreds of motorcycles and off-road buggies parked out in front, with their owners stopping in for a bite to eat with their families.

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