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MasterCraft Safety and Impact Have All Your Safety Needs Covered This Winter

Unrivaled in the realm of motorsports protection, it would be easy enough for MasterCraft Safety and Impact by MasterCraft Safety to rest on their laurels. Instead, both companies constantly forge ahead and innovate in an effort to provide the best possible products from head to toe, with MasterCraft’s legendary energy-attenuating seats and occupant restraints, and Impact’s industry-leading helmets, driving suits, and apparel. Continuous innovation on the part of MasterCraft and Impact provides cutting-edge safety solutions unrivaled in the industry.
The only product that MasterCraft Safety does not manufacture and is required by most of the racing sanctions is a head and neck restraint (HANS ®) device. Well, MasterCraft thought of that too. They are now an official HANS ® dealer, providing you true one-stop shopping for all of your safety needs. The HANS ® system has reduced the risk of basilar skull fractures caused by rapid deceleration by an astonishing 80 percent*. Impact’s complete line of American-made helmets and both Impact and MasterCraft’s restraints are available with HANS ® compatible 2-inch shoulder harnesses, allowing the device to sit more comfortably on the shoulders and providing the ultimate in safety.
* Based on testing performed by HANS ® inventor Dr. Robert Hubbard at General Motors’ Auto Safety Test laboratories.
MasterCraft Safety's New Quick Safety Release
MasterCraft Safety’s and Impact’s new Quick Safety Release (QSR) adjusters makes the industry’s best restraints even better. Does your race or play vehicle need to accommodate different drivers and co-drivers? Restraint adjustments are now easier than ever thanks to the QSR, even with gloves on! Available in configurations from five-point to seven-point harnesses from both MasterCraft Safety and Impact, the QSR is just another example of how both companies continue to raise the bar.
Z+ Axis Sled Test Chart
Racers are not the only ones benefiting from MasterCraft Safety’s innovation. The defense division of MasterCraft has performed unprecedented laboratory and live fire testing on the energy abatement associated with the seats used in armored military vehicles such as the MRAP, LSAC, and LTAS. MasterCraft’s 350G +Z axis (nominal) impact sled testing resulted in a Dynamic Response Index (DRI) of 13.7. Previous blast testing to the NATO STANAG Level 2A standard indicated an 84% reduction of energy in a 55G live fire event. What does this mean to civilians? The same technology used to develop MasterCraft Safety’s defense line of seating is integrated into the full line of commercially available products available to the public. Click on the image above to view videos of MasterCraft’s testing procedures.
With Christmas around the corner, now is the time to load up on the best safety gear for next season or that last minute gift. For more information on MasterCraft Safety products please visit and follow them on their Facebook page at Impact by MasterCraft can be found on the web at and
About MasterCraft Safety:
Based in Santee, California, MasterCraft Safety is the leading manufacturer of driving suits, window nets, and innovative safety seating and restraint systems custom tailored to endure the most extreme environmental conditions and off-road terrain. In addition to four decades of real world testing in the most extreme racing conditions, independent tests by nationally recognized laboratories indicate the MasterCraft Safety energy attenuating seat directly resulted in an 84% reduction of energy in a 55 “G” load event. These qualities and craftsmanship make MasterCraft seats the leading choice for environments where safety can mean the difference between life and death, from desert racing to hostile territory overseas. For more information please visit
About Impact by MasterCraft:
Impact by MasterCraft offers a full complement of industry leading safety equipment, from SNELL 2010 certified helmets to fire-resistant driving suits and Nomex underwear. Founded by safety pioneer Bill Simpson in 2002, Impact moved under the MasterCraft Safety banner in 2010. Impact’s line of helmets, driving and crew suits, drag parachutes, window nets, and race restraints are all made in the United States in their manufacturing facility strategically located in the heart of Gasoline Alley in Indiana, just ten minutes from Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For more information please visit
About HANS ®:
The HANS ® Device is a revolutionary SFI-approved safety product that is considered mandatory safety equipment by over 40 sanctioning bodies, including NASCAR. It greatly reduces the likelihood of head or neck injuries, such as a basilar skull fracture, in the event of a crash. The purpose of the device is to stop the head from “whipping forward” in a crash, without otherwise restricting movement of the neck. In a crash, an unprotected body is decelerated by the seatbelt with the head maintaining velocity until it is decelerated by the neck. The HANS ® device maintains the relative position of the head to the body, with the device transferring energy to the much stronger chest, torso, shoulder, seatbelts and seat as the head is decelerated.

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